8/21/15 First Friday of Kindergarten


The other day was the first Friday of Kindergarten, we went to drop Elijah bean off at school all as a family. We took him to the cafeteria to have breakfast and immediately he says he sees some of his friends. He is still learning how to make friends, but he had consistently been talking about this ‘friend’ for the last few days.

He sat at his table to eat, and started to eat his breakfast. Another kid came and sat down next to him and pushed his tray really close, trying to get Eli’s attention, and he looks at us and say’s “that’s a bad kid mom.” We had to give him a pep talk and say that everyone has a chance to be good each day, and even you were bad the first days of school and your teacher gave you a chance to be good right. It was interesting, but by the end of the little talk, him and the other kid were eating together peacefully.

I get worried when I have to tell him to give others a chance. He just doesn’t like to be picked on, and he is still learning how to make friends, just like the other kids his age at school. But the more I watched him eat and interact, I thought I had nothing to worry about.

Next thing we know, he turns to us and say’s “ OK, can you leave now?”

Broke my darn heart, but we got our hugs and repeats of some school rules from him and left.

He is getting so gosh darn big now.

Here is a picture of his first day of kindergarten outside his class. He just got some new school gear this weekend so we will have to take a picture of him in his new stuff come tomorrow.

first day of school
first day of school

We picked him up from school and we got the best report of the whole first week. He had a much better day behaving and also was the ‘class leader’ for the day, he lead the class learning about the calender and the weather for the whole week. I was so happy to hear he had a better day.

Even one of the yard ladies came up to us when we were waiting for his class to get out and told us that she saw him in the lunch tables, just chilling out after eating, with his feet up and hands behind his head, hey, I guess the bug is finally getting used to going to school. It only took a week to get the routine, and hey, we get to start all over again in the morning.

Funniest thing about Friday was, I finally got some much needed sleep. Having a week of prepping and getting up before everyone for a regular school day exhausted me. On Friday night, for the first time in months, I slept without any herbal help, and for me that is a small miracle. I guess going “back into school mode” has made me more ready for bedtime. I just hope that next week it doesn’t take me until Friday night to get a good nights rest. We shall see. Sleeping this weekend will be much appreciated but I think we have programmed our internal timers now so much, that I am not sure ‘sleeping in’ will ever happen again in my life.

Cooking was minimal, I was so tired that I made teriyaki pork and rice, with steamed veggies with a soy sauce from the food bank. I did not like the sauce that much and I did not take a picture, I was so darn tired from the day. And then we called grandma for some much needed school supplies. His teacher said his backpack was too small when we picked him up too.


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