8/20/15 Homemade Meatballs, From Scratch Mashed Potatoes and Gravy


Yesterday I made meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner. It turned out really good. The whole family finished dinner last night, and I even had some seconds of potatoes.

I made the meatballs by combining pork and ground beef. I used country style pork sausage and some really lean ground beef. I defrosted the packages of meat, then combined them in a bowl with some salt pepper and marjoram. I added an egg to really make them stick together, but my meatball consistency after the egg was too wet. So I added a handful of breadcrumbs, I really did not want to end up using the breadcrumbs because they were Italian seasoning flavored and I wasn’t going for that flavor profile for dinner.

I shaped into balls and baked them, and they turned out great. I also made a batch of steamed potatoes, the old fashioned way. Steaming them covered in the oven. It worked well, I steamed them then mashed up with some butter and milk, then I whipped them to a fluffy state that we love. Air helps.

I also made a box of gravy from the food bank. The boys had enjoyed it last time that I made it, its a Cambells box soup for cooking. I used the garlic and herb gravy one. I also have some in the pantry for Mexican tomato soup and some Portabella mushroom gravy, I will use them soon enough. But the herb and garlic one was perfect for last night’s dinner. I slopped the gravy over the meatballs and the whipped potatoes, and it worked for both.

I also steamed some veggies for dinner, from the food bank. We had steamed quartered zucchini, and steamed cauliflower with dinner.

Here are a few pictures of dinner last night.

eli's plate
eli’s plate
my plate
my plate
our yummy dinner
our yummy dinner

I also made the largest loaf of bread that I have ever made in my life. With my discarded starter for day 3, and some dry yeast and 4 ½ cups of flour, I made a HUGE loaf. I normally split my dough in half or thirds, and last night I just let it get big and did not divide it. I will NEVER do that again.

Here are some pictures of my gigantic loaf of bread.

giant loaf
giant loaf
giant loaf of homemade bread
giant loaf of homemade bread
close up of homemade bread
close up of homemade bread

I am going to do more baking today with discard of day 4 starter and the last of my dry yeast. I am getting really good results by mixing the two. I also did the autolyse method last night and ended up with a really wet dough for the bulk proof. I really had to manipulate it to be loaf shape for the second proof. I gave each proof like an hour or more. When baking bread; Time is an ingredient. I also have significantly let the rest of the bread cool for hours, before I will cut into the rest of it. The first quarter I got into I cut too soon, without giving it time to rest, some of the crust fell off, as you can see in the pic, and I semi crushed the fluffiness of it when I cut it into slices.


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