8/17/15 Homemade Pesto with Herb Butter Steak

The other day I made filet mignon, I thought I could make a treat for my husband which had asked for better steak last month. Unfortunately I tried too hard, I cooked it too long. I am not so good with expensive cuts, but I can work my way around anything economy like a pro. I do not see myself wasting food stamps again on such a good cut, since I did not cook it well.

I tried really hard and made some garlic herb butter and pan fried-basted it in the butter for a while. I already had some roasted garlic from my mushroom soup prep the day before. I added the roasted garlic into the pan, and pressed them down to open them. I also added some marjoram and basted the steak in the butter that soaked up all that flavor.

I already made some whole wheat noodles for dinner and added some mozzarella to melt into them and mixed some of my homemade pesto into it also, it smelled really good. I love my pesto. I wanted to make a nice dinner, since we had all gotten through as a family the first day of my son going to kindergarten. I was excited and wanted to celebrate at least.

I felt like I had cooked it ok, and I took the steak off the heat to cut into it. It was purple rare, and I cooked it some more. My husband should have looked at it, because I think this was the point I started to overcook it. Anyways, I enjoyed the meat and the pasta, and I steamed some cauliflower for a side which we all enjoyed also.

I did manage to snap a picture of the meal, but it was right before my camera died and I cannot find the charger to charge it up right now. I will post the picture as soon as I can.


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