Blog 100- Celebrating “Boho Mom”

A look back on Mom’s Organic Boho Food The Blog

I am celebrating 100 blogs, with this blog today!

It seems like I got to 100 really fast. After I hit number 50, they seemed to come to me a whole lot easier. I am getting used to writing on a daily basis, and its a really good habit. For both my soul and my blog, I now really enjoy writing each and every day. I have come to appreciate what I call “first drafts- final drafts,”- that seem to come to me almost every time that I sit down at my computer to blog.

I do seem to plan an idea for what I could write about, most of the time, but I do end up writing whatever comes to mind about that idea, without much editing. I do however, try to break up sentences, like I would normally with that run on, in the beginning of this paragraph. I like run on sentences. Comma’s are my friends. I have come to appreciate my own personal writing style, even if no one else does. I like that I write my blogs, as if I am writing a letter my best friend. Always staying friendly, personal and completely authentic.

I am also a humble cook. I know I am still learning ways around the kitchen and trying to always retain information is something that is hard for me. I write down some recipes. I change some recipes. I do not change some recipes. I just basically do the best that I can, to feed my family and myself-well. I try and keep it local and organic. I try and take as many pictures as I can, so you can see what I am doing. I try and share as much as I can, so we all know how alike we are, both in what we eat and how we cook. We can all learn together if we all share together.

I am happy to announce also that my artistic husband is now contributing to the blog, with design input, some cooking, and especially some great HD photography. He is a great photographer and now I realize can make the best corn bread you have ever had.

Now my son is 5, and today is his second day of Kindergarten. I am so cray cray excited and nervous for him, that I don’t really have words for all the emotions for how I feel about him going to school. I am both happy and sad, I am both nervous and excited, I am just speechless.

I also have a few hours now to myself and with my husband now, which so far, has led to some really nice naps and a whole bunch of catching up on blog writing. Sometimes, you just need that time to think in order to write. Yesterday, his first day, I caught up on 4 blogs, during the time he was in school. It helps to concentrate.

I dedicate this blog and my Facebook page, to my son Elijah, and I always have done it all for him. I do not think I would have ever realized how precious our bodies are to take care of and hold and love and always, always feed it good food, unless I produced another human being. I realized how important my temple-body was, realized how precious his little baby body was and realized how much my husband’s body were important the moment he came into life. Watching food inc. , when he was about 6 months old affected us also. We changed our lifestyle meeting farmers at the farmers market and changed our whole way of eating.

I started this brand when Eli was 2 years old, realizing all of his needs and ours were being met simply by attending the farmers market and having food stamps. I was amazed that we could eat this good so low income, and I wanted to share the experience. I started the Facebook page, in sync with my art Facebook page, ‘LaureNemo Arts’, and I bloomed from there.

I never realized how much this brand would change my perspective on life. I am a new person, because I have to carry around the Boho mom brand. I am a better mom, because I hold to myself the Boho mom brand. And I love being Boho mom. It was only a few years into my brand, that a friend of mine, dubbed me, “Boho mom” and I fully embrace the title.

Every time I get depressed, its honestly my family first and my brand second, that pull me out of depression. I realize that my family loves me and needs me, and also that I started something online that I cannot walk away from, cannot simply just stop being “Boho mom.”

I hope this page, could possible help some one one day, as much as it helps me. I actually do not care much, (I said much), about my stats, and how many people read my blog. I care more about if it affects anyone, or actually helps anyone. I just do this honestly to help myself remember some recipes and how I cook some things. I also do this to have a virtual cookbook, which one day I could make into a hard cover cookbook, that I could sell.

I am not sure if anyone reads these long of posts, but if you do, tell me about how my blog or Facebook page affects you, and what you like about it. Just leave something in the comments section. I would appreciate some feedback on this milestone.

Now that I have hit 100 blogs, I felt like looking back and celebrating on my journey. I will celebrate and look back again, when I get to 150 blogs. I hope that you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoy writing them.


One thought on “Blog 100- Celebrating “Boho Mom”

  1. Congratulations, 100 blogs of inspiring recipes and ideas for cooking in the kitchen. I smile every time I read one of your blogs. I love hearing about your experiences, they help me realize that I am human and that we are all connected by food. I love hearing about Elijah too, it’s wonderful how children change your life. Keep writing, you inspire me everyday.


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