8/15/15 Beef Stew/Mushroom Gravy

The other day I made dinner with fennel,stew beef and mushrooms. I wanted to be creative with both so I decided to make a portabella mushroom gravy over rice and a beef-fennel-stew.

I started by chopping up a whole bunch of portabella mushrooms. Then I arranged them on a cookie sheet. I also skinned a few garlic cloves and placed them on the sheet. I roasted the mushrooms and garlic until they all had a bit of a char on them.

I then placed the roasted mushrooms and garlic into the blender. I pulsed the mushrooms and garlic until they were pulverized. I poured the mix into a pan and added some milk and butter. I added some marjoram, salt and pepper. It was really good so I set it aside for later.

I also caramelized some onions and fennel with some leek and seasonings. I also used a bit of butter for that. I caramelized them until they were all soft and mushy, then I prepped the beef. I had a package of already cut up beef stew meat, so I defrosted it. Then I seasoned it with salt, pepper and paprika and a whole lot of corn starch. I put it into a casserole dish, topped it with some chopped mushrooms and added the caramelized mix unto the top of it. I added some water to the bottom of the pan and covered it to steam cook the meat. I was hoping for a really dry version of beef stew, so I could put a dollop of mushroom gravy with it for serving with some rice. Things didn’t work out as planned.

I steam cooked the meat ok, but it took longer then I thought, then I decided crazily to pour the last of my corn starch into the beef stew mix, last minute when it was really greasy.. bad idea. I made a gravy of beef stew meat when I did that, and trying to locate beef on your plate of rice and beef gravy was a chore, so I ended up giving the mushroom gravy away instead of eating it. Not every night is a perfect cooking night in this house, oh well.


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