8/14/15 BBQ Ribs with Cowboy Rub

The other day I made boneless country style ribs for dinner. But I cooked them different then I had ever made before. I used a new BBQ rub and cooked them in my large cast iron in the oven. I first covered them in my new rub. Its called “cowboy rub” and it has coffee, cocoa, and lots of different spices in it. I was really looking forward to trying a rub with coffee and cocoa in it.

My expectations were high and they were met fine. I used a generous amount of rub on the meat and they baked beautiful. The BBQ rub was sweet, spicy and dark. It changed the whole look of the meat.

Here are a few pictures of the BBQ we had.

bbq meat
bbq meat
skillet style bbq ribs
skillet style bbq ribs
bbq ribs, and rice
bbq ribs, and rice

The meat looks so interesting with the crazy rub on it. This is a picture of my plate with ribs and rice. Ribs and rice is my familys favorite meal and that night was so good. The rub had peppers in it that were a little spicy for my husband but I tried to give him a piece with less rub.


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