8/11/15 Thankful List Aug 2015


In the last few days I have learned a few things. I have realized so many things in my life that I had to be grateful for. I saw a meme yesterday in my Facebook news feed that changed my perspective on life a little bit, opening my eyes to what I REALLY have and what I am so blessed to have in my life. I have been taking life for granted for so long. I am just now beginning to realize that the whole world dreams of how I live, and retires to the way of living that I have at a prime age of 26.

The meme was a picture of a beach with the following caption, “Bucket List: 1.Move to the beach. 2. Don’t worry, be happy.” Those were the most powerful words I read online yesterday. I wrote in the comments, realizing I am living a dream “check and check!”

I love the beach. I feel like its the most centering and grounding place to be when your surrounded by nature and the ocean. My life partner feels the same way. He said that getting in a single person kayak, and rowing out on the ocean; is the most grounding experience he can get. When you realize that the world is a really big place, and your just a small dot floating in the big sea, things start looking a bit different. We live in one of the most beautiful regions I have ever seen in my life. Mendocino County North, is amazing. We have lived in the pygmy forest, and now in an apartment smack dab in the middle of downtown Fort Bragg, Ca. We are a 10 minute walk to about 3 very different beaches.

I live by the beach. I made up a meme myself once moving here, that describes how I feel about living here. “To live in Beauty, is to be forever Grateful.” and I believe that with all my heart.

Living near the beach, has changed my perspective on life. If life is meant to be lived, then shouldn’t it be done in beautiful places? I certainly feel grateful for being here. I not only live by 3 beaches, each one is unique in what they have. We have Glass beach, that was created by glass dumping decades ago, the ocean has processed the dumped glass into perfectly tumbled glass, and it fills the beaches. Its the most amazing experience, to sit in a shoreline full of decades worth of sea glass; its been a ransacked by tourists and local alike, and every day the glass amount and different color range gets less and less, but its still enjoyable to me. My husband had a priceless picture of his mother in the 1970’s sitting on the shore of glass beach, surrounded by different colors, like blues and red glass, but now 40 years later the beach is mostly pale glass and clear.

Since we have moved here, glass beach has even changed a whole lot. Whereas we used to have to climb to get to the good beach, they have installed a set of stairs and now since remodeling they have blocked off both where you can climb in and the stairs, trying to preserve the beach for the local wildlife, but you can still catch people down collecting glass, past the ropes each and every day. The city has made a 3 mile hike around the cliff of the beach and paved it so people can use their bikes on it and exercise. Glass beach has really changed since we have moved here, but I am still more then grateful to have it.

We also have the most beautiful harbor here, called Noyo. We have the most amazing beach at Noyo harbor that is only a few miles down from Glass Beach, but has no glass. It has sandy beaches. They use that beach for our towns 4th of July celebration, with fireworks off boats in the harbor and fireworks off the cliffs above the beach. Its a spectacular show and my family has had the pleasure of seeing it the last two years. My husband is a bit older then me, and has seen his fair share of professional fireworks shows in his lifetime and he says the show they put on here, is the best he has ever seen. The combination of the beautiful harbor and the set up of how they shoot the fireworks is an amazing experience. This year we sat on a rock on the jetty and watched and it as a family and its an experience I will never forget.

The third beach within my walking distance is Belinda Point. We don’t have a car, (it’s one less expense I am not yet prepared to experience yet.) It’s a bit far from our apartment, but where we used to live off grid of town, in the pygmy forest, it was the closest beach we could get to. I kinda feel bad about even blogging about this beach. Its so private and secluded that I do not want to be the one to make it not that way. So I will not include much details on how to find it, I will make it a challenge.

But the amazing clues I will give you are that it is a semi-private beach. Its a public beach that someone with private property allows public access to. So the public walkway through their property is a little journey onto itself, but the destination is worth it. You get to walk through several micro-climates, ones with redwoods and mushroom spores, then a eucalyptus forest, then you get to the final property with a gorgeous house and guest house, that you can admire and wish you had, then you get to the beach. Its sometimes is more about the journey then the destination, but in this case, you win with both.

Another thing I have to be grateful for is my family. I have created a little family and very small 2-3 people I talk to outside of my family for support, and one is my therapist. I am content with only socializing on social media and spending my time living in beauty, and doing just about anything I want. I have come to realize now that my family I created REALLY DOES support what I do, and how I do it, and its an empowering experience.

Really, I cannot emphasize enough, how having the ability to bake whenever I want, blog whenever I want, and NOT have to always get the dishes done on time, affects my anxiety, its all about faded. I do still have hangups about having a dirty house, and believe me if you know me well enough, that I have a OCD house cleaning day about once a month.

I am also amazingly grateful for my life partner, whom in the last couple days has made me feel like a queen. I almost think that the whole inspiration for writing this whole blog, is him making me feel good. I am blessed to have someone who has been with me long enough, to know me better then I know myself, and that in itself it the most amazing thing ever. Most woman my age are still sleeping around and trying to find their way in life; according to some of my #twentysomethings research on the internet. I am EXTREMELY blessed to find my soul-mate at 17, and extremely grateful that we have worked on having an amazing relationship for the last 8 ½ years of my life.

I may be low income, and live on food stamps, and rely on free resources to live good. But I do live very well, and I am beginning to realize that happiness is within my reach, because I have a WHOLE lot to be grateful for.


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