8/10/15 Food Stamp Shopping

The other day I went shopping with our food stamps. We do not get our food stamps until the 10th of the month each month. I bought mostly bulk ingredients to make good food. I wanted to share with you the results of shopping. I inventoried the items I had and figured out that I had a whole lot of bulk stuff, that I was pretty proud of buying.

This is the inventory of what I got: 10 lbs of Thai Jasmine Long Grain Rice, 3 lbs of salted butter, 4 lbs of raw sugar, 6.5 lbs of cheese (Mexican and mozzarella both), 1 lb of chorizo, 4 lbs of double french roast artisan coffee, 40 flour tortillas, 2 lbs waffle mix in a box, 10 lbs flour, 2 lbs powdered sugar, 2 lbs brown sugar, and a half a gallon of milk. I also got about 80$ worth of bulk meat that has now made my freezer look great. I get so anxious when I do not have bulk meat, so I am relieved to fill the freezer again.

I even managed to save 130$, 100 for Schwans frozen food, and I still have to go get some eggs and a few more things. I am really happy with the results of shopping, except that I spent a little too much money on meat, so I do not have any money saved for farmers market shopping this month. Last month we managed to save 15$ for the farmers market and it was a nice break from routine.

I hope my food budgeting sharing helps you with your food stamps. I always feel better when I have a whole bunch of bulk food in the house.


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