8/7/15 Food Bank Bounty

Yesterday I went to the food bank. I got lots of pantry items and a whole lot of produce. I go to the Fort Bragg food bank, because I am a low income mother and my son is always hungry as is my husband and our vegan dog. I go to the food bank once a week and it saves my little family from starving when we run out of food stamps. Yesterday was no exception, we do not get our food stamps until Monday and going to the food bank yesterday, Friday, is saving our whole weekend.

I did manage to take a few pics while I was there to show you the food bank.

Here are some pictures of the food bank and the line for food, I mostly show the pantry item section and there is another large selection of produce at the end that you cannot really see in the pictures. That is where I stock up the most, in the produce. I did however get a few neat and yummy items for pantry food.

inside of food bank pantry side
inside of food bank pantry side
stacks of canned goods inside the food bank
stacks of canned goods inside the food bank

Here are some of the great things I received from them; quiona crackers, sourdough bread and rolls, organic berry crunch cereal, pancake mix, lemon mousse, golden raisins, regular raisins, yougert, pudding, milk, a dozen eggs, even some local made cookies.

Here is a picture of the organic cereal, we are all excited to try and have. It tastes like organic captain crunch berry flavor and everyone loves it. I will update with a picture when it uploads.

The big score yesterday has got to be in the produce. I got so much I am so happy. Here are some of the great things I scored; yellow wax beans, purple green beans, fresh bag of basil, fresh bag of cilantro, fresh bag of spinach, potatoes, rainbow carrots, fresh ears of corn, fresh beets, fresh onions with greens, fresh celery greens, fresh kale greens, a lotus root, fresh salad mix, fresh picked still dirty fennel root and greens, ¼ of a Napa cabbage, fresh grown zucchini, fresh grown squash, and some oranges.

I am in fresh foodie heaven. I must start playing music and cleaning up the kitchen so I have a great clean space to work with it all. I am planning on making some more pesto with the basil maybe and also making a potato Au gratin with more veggies for dinner tonight. Last night we had baked potatoes with leftover rib meat and some cheese and sour cream, and the white corn from the food bank.

Here are some pictures of last nights dinner. I had overloaded baked potato with my rib meat on top and the boys had their rib meat on the side.

boy's plate
boy’s plate
my loaded potato
my loaded potato

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