8/3/15 Pork Chops with Bacon

8/3/15 Pork Chops with Bacon

Yesterday I made baked pork chops topped with bacon. I was thinking about making stuffed pork chops but then I realized two things, that I had no cream cheese and that my Porks were bone in, not boneless. If they were boneless and I had some cream cheese, I would have definitely rolled them up into some garlic cream cheese bacon wrapped pork, that my whole family loves. Instead we figured we would just wrap the bacon around the pork anyways and bake it.

After defrosting the pork and bacon all day, I realized one really disappointing thing about the bacon, it was all fat. Not that I dont like me some bacon fat, but not in this situation. I like having bacon fat for making beans and cooking some things, but for the pork, I really wanted to wrap it up in some meaty ribbon-like pieces of bacon. But that was not in my cards. I extracted all the meat I could from the bacon, little bits and pieces and arranged them on the seasoned pork. I seasoned the pork with salt and pepper and paprika, I like to keep it simple.

I also was a bit worried about the rest of the meal, I had to go out and purchase a 1$ store package of chicken pasta while we were out, and both the boys hated it. (thank god, I haven’t pulled a box pasta on them in a while.)And I also made some of my frozen food bank carrots, roasted in the oven. I had a very long day yesterday trying to assist my husband get a new phone set up. That is another reason why the pictures lately are a bit lacking in luster, and HD quality. I am getting new devices set up, for optimal HD photos. But in the meantime I hope you enjoy the less than average photos that my computer/tablet takes.

Here is a photo of last nights dinner.

pork chops with bacon
pork chops with bacon

Now I have to go write about tonight. Hope ya’ll are still enjoying my blog a day challenges. I am still enjoying keeping them up..heres to my half way point to day 90!


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