8/2/15 Free H20 refills

Today we went out of town. It was quite an adventure. We are all so used to our coastal weather that my whole little family suffered heat exhaustion and delirium, just by getting in humid valley hot heat in Ukiah.

I wanted to dedicate this post to the thing that saved my whole family today. My water bottle. I took it because lately even in Fort Bragg, I have been getting hot flashes in weird humid foggy weather, so I knew going across the hill over to Ukiah, I would encounter heats my body couldn’t handle.

And in fact, none of us could handle it.

We got on the bus to go to a Dr. appointment first thing in the morning. In fact I had stayed up the whole night before just to make sure to get up at 6 am to be ready to get on the bus. I got out of bed at 6, made coffee, packed bags, got the boy and my husband ready and we were on the bus off by 7:15.

Going over hwy 20 is the most crazy nauseating experience anyways, and sometimes the bus ride makes it worse, we got on the bus to a fairly light load of people. But then as soon as we hit the hwy 3 homeless people with “service” dogs got on the bus.

Granted I have a special respect for real service dogs, but if you have ever ridden a bus service with a dog that really isn’t one, you know the frustration I feel. Its disrespectful to the real dogs, and to passengers like me that do not want to smell a dirty homeless dog, or three all the way for a 2 hr bus ride into the city. But that was our morning ride, smelly and long, and crazy.

Getting off the bus in Ukiah is ok in the morning, cept the yearly binge on “dirty food” that I cannot convince my husband otherwise of. Mcdevils is right next door to the bus stop, so guess where I spent money on eating today, despite my best arguments.

Yes, I shamefully admit I spent 16 $ on breakfast and an early dinner-late lunch at Mcdevils, and I am not proud of it. Every time I hand my son “dirty” food I die inside, and he knows it. Constantly asking all day why we were eating the “dirty” food, and why it is so good. What can I say when its my husband’s money to spend and day to spend how he pleases, its his choice to have a quarter pounder once every 5 years. I honestly cannot remember the last time he had one.

Anyways, I am diverging from the point. My water bottle saved my life today. Saved all our lives. I refilled that sucker about 12 times at the Mcdevils soda fountain and even when we weren’t even there eating, I ran inside to get water.

I swear it must have been in the high 90’s. At about the hours of 2-3 waiting on the bus at the bus stop even though it doesn’t come till 4, we all got really bad heat exhaustion, basically almost passing out from the heat and Elijah was going crazy with delirium, doing anything he could to have fun while waiting, all while ridiculously hot.

Having my bottle of water saved us, I can actually admit that we are so used to this coastal weather that we can barely even get outta town, without consuming gallons of water and pouring it all over ourselves, yes I got wet, several times. Even had to roll my pant legs up to make me cooler, I was dying and I even was only wearing flip flops.

my savior & shoes
my savior & shoes


I constantly kept drinking water, refilling my bottle with ice and water and even finding creative ways and areas on my body to put the ice. I know I do not have much foodie wise to say about today, except never get caught in the heat without WATER!! and always know where to get more ice and water on a hot day, I swear that it saved my whole darn family.


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