7/31/15 Tequitos with leftover Carnitas


Last night I made tequitos, with leftover carnitas. I had so much carnitas so I decided to try something different with it so we didn’t have to have a repeat dinner. I also ended up making some really good quacamole, also and spending a little bit on some new salsa, avocado and chips for the boys. We do not like to spend much money on food, but when we do have money we like to treat ourselves to some food.

We ended up spending like 3$ on some salsa from the store that was mild, some 1.25$ avocados at the Mexican store and also some 3$ tortilla chips. I got home and made my mothers ‘Americanized’ version of guacamole.


3 mashed up avocados

1 tablespoon lime mayo

juice of 1 lemon

3-4 tablespoons of your fav salsa

dash of salt

Chopped Cilantro (optional)

My husband always insists that the mayo makes it American, his mother never added more fat to the guacamole then the avocado, but he really loves how this turns out anyways. Yesterday we did not have cilantro though, and it could have used some.

Here is a picture of the chips and dip.


The tequitos were kinda difficult for me to fry, but heating up the tortillas was easy. Then rolling it up was simple with the carnitas. But once it got rolled, I had to carefully fry seam side down individually to make sure they did not fall apart. I messed up only 1/12 of them. It fell apart while I was trying to fry it.. I was furious. I got so frustrated, my husband offered to buy a pizza…I yelled back “that was so insulting..” lol he doesn’t get it. Anyways at least I only messed up one. They turned out great dipped in salsa and some of the leftover guacamole. I have some pictures to share here.




guacamole and salsa
guacamole and salsa

I still have lots of leftover mexican ingredients and I suppose since I have a lot of leftover carnitas also, that we will be having a mexican theme for the next few days.. thinking about making tamale pie, cornbread, masa pizza and more.


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