7/29/15 BFD (Breakfast for Dinner)

7/29/15 BFD and waffle cupcakes

Yesterday I made breakfast and realized that we had to have breakfast for dinner. I kept forgetting to take out a large cut of meat out of the freezer and found that I still had a small bag of country breakfast sausage that I made so I grabbed it. I only used 2 eggs for breakfast and 4 leftover for dinner, they were food bank donated fresh local large eggs, so they were stretching out good.

I made the boys some hash browns and those eggs with some half and half and butter scrambled and they turned out great. I set the sausage bag aside and decided I would make waffles, sausage, eggs and maybe some more hash browns for dinner. I made sure to remember that night to take out a bigger cut to defrost so I would be able to have more meat for the boys the next day.

Later for dinner we made the waffles with one of the eggs and 2 of the eggs left for dinner, I had two left by then and ended up using one for baking and saving one for breakfast the next day. I tried to make waffles for the boys with Krusteaz mix and messed up, I accidentally added too much water and oil and the waffle maker spit a lot out while it was cooking and didn’t cook thoroughly. A few times I have been able to make really thin, great flaky waffles by adding more water and oil, but yesterday it didn’t work out too well. With a batter that usually makes 2 waffles I ended up with about 3 triangles that were edible out of the whole batch. I made the hash browns and fed the boys a semi-OK breakfast for dinner. I didn’t have much. Hey, at least the boys ate well.

After dinner I was still hungry and didn’t want to use much ingredients to just make a quick snack. I tried to make some waffle cupcakes since I did not have any flour to make some from scratch to use. I also had some baking chocolate left, but not any cocoa, which I wish I did have. I melted some with some butter about 4-5 squares and blended up some waffle mix with a little more baking soda, some vanilla, some brown sugar, and milk.

I almost forgot to add an egg but after the whole thing was made it was still too dry and I remembered I forgot an egg and I threw one in the batch. It was the right consistency for cupcake-cake batter after I added the egg, it was almost whipped like frosting and really smooth. I made the cupcakes with my bleach free cups and ended up with a very slightly chocolate, despite all the baking chocolate, (needed cocoa) but very fluffy and moist.

Here is a picture of how they turned out.

waffle chocolate cupcakes
waffle chocolate cupcakes

I rewarded myself with a few and even frosted one with some of my homemade fresh strawberry butter-cream frosting and it was beautiful and yummy and makes me want to make another one to eat while I write this the next day.

I am sure that they stayed well, I use a bakers trick for keeping baked goods OK overnight and stick them in the oven overnight to stay. They are still perfect in the morning. If I put them into the fridge overnight they would get hard and if I left them out they would be roach or dog food overnight.


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