7/28/15 Waffle Coated Fried Chicken

Last night for dinner I tried to make fried chicken coated in a tempura waffle mix. It should have been seasoned a little bit more, because the sweet taste of the waffles came through too much.

Here is how I made the waffle coated fried chicken. First I boiled my chicken thighs, they were Rocky Brand and organic. I do not get to buy much organic meat at all, but I always try and treat us to a package of Rocky thighs to make each month. I usually get my bulk chicken breasts from Schwans and this month I got fillets on sale that I already went through. I am actually running out of my smaller packages of meat and I am kinda worried, at least I have some larger cuts left in the freezer. Chuck roast and short ribs, I am excited to make those in a few days.

After boiling the chicken thoroughly, I drained the water from the pan and let the chicken sit out and get cool for a while. I set up my tempura with 1 small bowl of some half and half, and an egg, beaten. And a larger one with some waffle mix, with some seasonings, and some whole wheat flour. I should have really over compensated with the paprika and salt and pepper seasonings, since it came out too waffle like. I have never tried to make waffle coated chicken before, and the only reason that I even tried to make it, was because I did not have some regular white flour opened to work with. I promised my husband that I would save all his ‘corn bread’ ingredients through the month so that he could make it whenever he wanted. So I saved a 5 lb bag of white flour for him, some eggs, his box of corn meal and veggie oil for it. So I am using all the restraint in my little baking bones to not use the flour. I know that if I open it, I will use the whole thing in 3 days. That’s how much I am addicted to baking.

Anyways, I cooled the chicken and had my tempura waffle mix ready, and got the oil hot in the pan. I made sure that I had the oil at 375 degrees the whole time. I double dipped the chicken thighs in my tempura mix, then individually fried them in my pan. I did not have a very large pan, or a lot of oil, so I had to constantly flip the chicken to fry correctly. I golden fried the batter until it was ready, then cooled-drained them on my cooling rack. Since I do not buy much paper products I had to drain it on the cooling rack over a plate instead of paper towels.

Here is a picture of some of my chicken, and some carrots that I steamed and put some spiced sugar on them as soon as they came out. The sugar melted as soon as it hit the hot carrots and it turned out great. Even had enough leftover to share with a friend, and it was good for them too. pic deleted for lack of space.


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