7/26/15 Sourdough Split Top Loaf

Yesterday I did not cook much, I did make the last of the yeast dough from the day before. I tried to have a ‘sourdough’ experiment by leaving the dough out to rise and get sour overnight. I woke up to a risen dough, but not that much more risen than I went to bed with. I did however smell that distinctive ‘sour’ smell from it overnight. Even waiting for the oven to be ready, I could smell the sourdough smell in the kitchen.

I shaped the dough with some hand kneading love and some white flour. I made the dough out of 2 ½ cups of bread flour and 1 cup of whole wheat flour. I saw the color of the wheat come through, but the taste and texture of the wheat flour was hidden with the bread flour. I shaped the dough and put it into one of my new stainless steel bread pans. I split the top and added a few chunks of butter to the split.

I cooked the bread for about 20 minutes at only 250-300 degrees for it to rise in the oven. It kinda deflated when I took it out to shape it. So I knew it needed some proofing to go still. After the bread proofed to my satisfaction I put the oven on 350 degrees and baked it until it was done.

Here are some pictures of my bread.

yeast dough sourdough split top bread
yeast dough sourdough split top bread


sourdough sliced
sourdough sliced

Results are definitely not sourdough, but kinda close. I am not sure how much longer that I would have to leave the bread dough out to make sourdough, but I believe I would just have to have a decent starter made and stick to that for breads. My apartment is ½ a mile from the beach, so I think I could achieve a waterfront sourdough if I left the starter out long enough.

I also did some spring cleaning yesterday. I organized my books in my room and the art desk supplies. I have one key piece of advice when trying to organize and clean, and that is start from the ground up. I have learned from being homeless that the only way to organize anything is to basically start over, how you want to do it. Basically when you wanted to reorganize your homeless backpack, you dumped it out and organized by starting over. I have been applying this advice to having an apartment to clean. I start from the floor up. If I cannot see the floor, and a crazy kind of hoarder situation has arrived, I pick everything up and put it somewhere else, until I can see the floor. Then I organize. And once the floor is seen, its easier to vacuum.

This advice has worked for a few anal OCD cleaning adventures since we have moved in, and I am sticking to it. Every time I start cleaning my son says “ Mom is making a mess.” but every time I finish, everyone is amazed at the progress. I managed to have a good cleaning day before my mother visited a few weeks ago, and since then we have kinda let go a bit, and I was starting to go crazy with the messes. I organized laundry, organized my room and I finally feel better.

Another piece of advice that I can share with this post is “Change your space, Free your mind.”

And as I have finally gotten my space clean, I feel so much better. I feel that your organization is a reflection of how you feel in your head, so having a cluttered space, keeps you scattered and unorganized in your home and head. So knowing where most every thing is in the house, is much better for me. I hope you all had a better day cooking then me, at least I got some yeast bread done and the house clean.


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