WeDo banana Flour Review

WeDo banana flour review test #1


The other day I tried a new gluten free flour. I have not had the funds or the energy to search and pay for the gluten free flour mixes of our day right now, so I wait for them to come into the local food bank that I go to and I test them for free. If I ever had the money to buy gluten free flours I have tested most now and I am glad to say that I know which ones that I like and which ones that I do not like. I am not endorsed (yet) by any of these products, but I wanted to share my experience with baking with them.

I have personally recently tried coconut flour and now have tried banana flour and honestly I think that I like the consistency and taste of the banana flour better. I am honestly not a big fan of the taste of coconut, but I hear that its the cheapest gluten free flour to work with, so I have tried it.

I have made 4 recipes with the coconut flour and tried some that are on the internet and even some that I have made up myself. I can disguise the taste of the coconut flour with heavy vanilla flavor and even with some chocolate, but the overall taste of the flour is still in the aftertaste. And when cooking with the coconut flour it apparently ‘eats fat’ while it bakes, so it needed a whole hell of a lot of eggs to make anything properly moist and mixed right. So there is another reason why I did not like the coconut flour. However my mother enjoys coconut flour kind of cupcake and I made them for her the other day since she cannot eat gluten. But to each its own, I think she would like the banana flour also.

I enjoyed the banana flour better because it doesn’t have a very strong taste, or aftertaste. I made chocolate cake with an Australian recipe for paleo cake with it and I added a few ingredients. Here is the recipe I used and the link for the original will be posted afterwards. I added some sweeteners and converted some things into cups and figured out which degree to bake at, as the recipe listed in C. Also the recipe says cake, but the picture on the website made cupcakes instead, so I did the same. But I will still call it a cake also. here is the recipe I adapted it from.

Banana flour chocolate cake


1 bowl


cake tin or cupcake tins



1 ½ cups banana flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

5 tablespoons cocoa powder

1/3 of a cup of sugar(both brown and white mixed)

1 cup rice milk or milk substitute

140 grams of oil (5/8 of a cup) I used a kitchen scale to get the grams.

2 eggs


mix all the ingredients into 1 bowl well. Spoon into cake pan or cupcake tins and bake at 350 for 40 minutes.

Here are some pictures of the cupcakes that I made and the flour that I used. I am very happy with this flour and whenever I can afford more I would purchase this kind over coconut flour. I am not a celiac, I just love cooking new things for my son.

chocolate banana flour cupcakes
chocolate banana flour cupcakes
chocolate banana flour cupcakes
chocolate banana flour cupcakes
moist cupcakes
moist cupcakes

I learned some awesome things about banana flour also, its a resistant starch. Therefore it breaks down slower in your body, making you seem fuller longer. Its a great way to fill you up if your trying to diet or you need a great mid-day pick me up snack. Now that I learned about this kind of starch I will be adding it to my protein bars as well.


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