7/22/15 Food Bank haul


Food bank day

Today I went to the food bank. It was a beautiful day which actually means the worst for me when I go walking out, I have fibromalgia and weird conditions that cause me to have hot flashes on hot days, so today was no exception. I decided to not be over dressed and only go to the food bank in a -shirt and jeans, to try and avoid a hot flash. Trying to prevent it never works, and its always the days that I try and make things easier that thing end up being the hardest.

I brought ample bags for stuff at the food bank and boy did I fill them all. I had a freezer bag full of canned goods and a gallon of juice with 2 ½ gallons of dairy free milk in one bag. A bag with a new to me purse in one with some new to me clothes and new to me books for the whole family. I cannot resist some books, and today I found some for everyone, even my husband.

I had a bag of produce and a bag of bread items. I was thoroughly weighed down. I walked the 7 blocks home with a bag lady syndrome so bad, that I was praying that some one nice would offer me a ride home. It wasn’t but 7 blocks but with 60 lbs or more of food on bad shoulders, it gets to be a whole lot to deal with. I took 2 short breaks on the two benches that I have conveniently on the way home. One next to the train tracks and the other next to city hall. I enjoy looking around by the tracks and seeing the path that the train takes and meditating on it for a bit, while I catch my breath and open a seltzer water from the food bank. I set my bags down and again hope and wish for a ride. Most days, it never happens. Sometimes some one will see me getting too much to carry while I am loading my bags at the food bank, or other times I will run into the only people I know in this county and they will help me out.

Today no such help came. I know I saw a few drivers, alone, in their cars looking at the young lady with bags in a funny way, but no offers to go home. One time I had a police officer in his squad car stop and ask me how far I was walking, and when I told him just a few more blocks, he drove off. Living here is crazy sometimes, I do not know hardly anyone. And I barely ever am riding in a car here. I am always walking, or riding the bus. I would take the bus home from the food bank but the stop is 3 blocks from the house, so its really not as convenient as just walking home. I think I shall invest in a cart soon to hold all the food. I am so darn blessed to get so much donated and free from the local food bank.

Today I got so much food, and fresh produce I was so darn happy. I got purple green beans and fresh basil. I got some carrots and potatoes. I got some fresh salad and some lemon cucumbers. I got some fresh strawberries about 3 cartons worth. I got some artichokes, apples, pears and oranges. I got some yogurt and oat milk and rice milk, and even some cranberry juice. I got so much bread and even some cantaloupe. I am happy to have so much for this week to choose from. I got home to scars on my shoulders from carrying all the food.

To celebrate having the strawberries and artichoke I processed them right away, and even made the purple beans tonight. We had strawberry cupcakes and strawberry frosting with them, and I steamed the artichokes for their hearts in a jar with some olive oil. And we made the purple beans with dinner.

Tonight we had the rest of the ribs with some food bank rice and the purple beans. I am so happy to have the food bank. Here is a picture of dinner tonight.

dinner last night
dinner last night

After you cook the purple beans they turn green. Here also is a picture of the beans before I cooked them.

purple green beans
purple green beans

We also went to the farmers market tonight, I saved the last 15$ of my food stamps so we could purchase some local fish, and just so happened we went tonight and their was no fish to buy. The market stall fish person was not there. So we bought some fort bragg bakery chocolate fudge cookies instead and a small sourdough “torpedo” loaf from them. We all love fresh bread, and were talking about just buying fish and bread their, so at least we got some bread. We are going to save the rest of the food stamps for next weeks market, maybe then we can find some fresh fish. Or crab. I now love crab.


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