7/21/15 Surf N Turf


There are some days that we eat so good that it would be a shame to sit down full and write about it. Seems blasphemous to write after such a good meal, instead of sitting down and enjoying the meal in my belly. Yesterday was one of those days. I decided to write about yesterdays meal today, just so I could enjoy last night more.

Yesterday we made a great surf and turf dinner. I woke up in the morning with already defrosted short ribs. Its a huge package of meat, so I split it into two pieces. Then I brushed on some mustard, this time a limited edition Napa valley Dijon, and then put the Roundman’s BBQ rub into them. Then I wrapped the meat in plastic wrap and put it into the fridge. They say the longer you let it sit with the rub wrapped the more the rub stays on the meat.

I planned the rest of the meal around what I had in the house. I ran out of jasmine rice the other day, so decided on some potato side instead. I skinned some and diced into a casserole dish with some diced carrots and leeks and spring onions added some water and had that be my carb side for the night.

I also decided since we have eaten most all the veggie produce from the food bank and also had 3 nights of frozen veggies from Schwan’s, that we would have some veggies I had frozen saved from leftovers from the beginning of the month. I had a ½ gallon bag of frozen white corn that was cooked with red bell pepper and zucchini, pretty much corn salsa. I took that out to defrost.

Later in the day we got a call that we could get a free Dungeness crab, and said of course we could take it. So we got to get a free crab from our fishing friend. He says he gets so much fresh crab that when he cant take it home to cook it, that he would rather give it away fresh than let it sit and die.

So here is the meaty sea visitor we got to have yesterday.

female craps are ok for sport fishing..
female craps are ok for sport fishing..

While I boiled water to cook her, she did a last dance in the cast iron I had her sitting in.

last dying dance
last dying dance

It was a beautiful dance, and I appreciate being able to cook live food and see it move and dance before I cook it. Its a beautiful human thing, to kill something for food. Its way more primal than going grocery shopping for wrapped in plastic processed meat. It brings me to my human roots to look the animal in the eye before I eat it, and so far I have stared down 3 crabs recently.

looking in her eyes
looking in her eyes

After I cooked her which only took 10 minutes, I processed the meat outta her.

processing crab meat
processing crab meat

Then I made some crab cakes, by this time the ribs and potatoes were already cooking in the oven, so the oven was hot and ready for crab cakes.

We ended up really enjoying our meal last night, here is a picture I barely caught of my plate of surf and turf, I have the other half of ribs to cook tonight and potato leftovers so we will be working with those.

plate of surf and turf
plate of surf and turf

Later in the night after dinner. I made some belgian waffles thinner then usual, with more water and oil to make sure they were thin. I used the last of my heavy cream to make some whipped cream and defrosted-roasted some berrys in the oven for awesome fruit and whipped cream waffles before bed, they were a yummy munchie, even I ate some. I normally never eat krusteaz waffle mix, but I made an exception cause I made homemade whipped cream with berries.

I hope your cooking yesterday was as awesome as mine, seems its always a roller coaster of emotions in this kitchen and yesterday was a high-good day! Yay! Thanks for reading about another day in the boho kitchen.


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