7/19/15 Peanut Butter Smores cookies

Today I made chorizo for breakfast, with salsa and cheese. I ended up raiding the whole house of the peanut butter stashes and got all the jars together for peanut butter cookies. My husband has been asking for them lately and I had a jar of Jiffy, so I was excited to make a 3 ingredient cookie.

I got the last of the jiffy out of the jar and also found an organic jar of peanut butter in the cupboard.

I decided to make 2 batches. One with the jiffy and one with the organic jar. The jiffy one I burnt and was very mad when my oven was too hot too fast, and only about 3-4 cookies out of 7 were edible. So I tried again, with the organic jar, and decided to fold in some marshmallows and chocolate chips the last of my bags of both just to use them up.

Note to self and every baker out there.. folding in marshmallows, mini or not.. does not work!!!! garsh, I wish I would have learned my lesson the other day when I tried to make a marshmallow topped toll house cookie bar, that didn’t work either.

After some research I have come to find I am not the first baker with this problem, solution I have read would be to use a layer of marshmallow cream for bars and it works much better then marshmallows. The marshmallows melted and cooked way faster then the cookies itself and then leaked out and burned out the sides. I think I may have unwillingly took one picture of the disaster of the day today. My Smores peanut butter cookies, I forgot to shape them also, they were more like scoops of batter and didn’t cook evenly at all. So yea, sometimes I have baking disasters, today was that day.

peanut butter smores cookies
peanut butter smores cookies

For dinner we had turkey mingon wrapped in bacon from schwans. And some food bank zucchini and the last of the jasmine rice I have for this month. Crazily, I forgot to buy more. Hope you all had a better cooking day than I did. I am sure I will have a better day tomorrow. I cant wait to start over after a baking mess up day.


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