Old Fashioned Shepherds Pie

Old Fashioned Shepherds Pie


Potato masher

veggie steamer

sauce pan large enough for 1 lb of meat

sharp knives



Potatoes about 4-5 large or 6-7 small (whichever kind you prefer to mash more or have)

Celery Diced Small

Carrots Diced small

½ a diced white or yellow onion

Mushrooms diced

Frozen veggies: or fresh veggies; peas, carrots and green beans work well.

1 lb of ground beef or traditionally ground lamb




2-3 Tablespoons butter


Start by skinning and steaming your potatoes. If you diced them up before steaming they will steam faster. I use my rice cooker and veggie steamer for this always. You could always boil the potatoes instead, but I am a firm devout steamer and I do not like to boil anything. Unless I intend to drink the liquid as when I am making soup, I do not boil.

Next step is caramelizing the diced veggies. Put some diced mushrooms, onions, carrots into a sauce pan until they were nice and brown, then add the beef and cooked thoroughly.

Add your salt and pepper and marjoram after the beef is cooked. Use spices to your own taste.

Next thoroughly cook your frozen veggies, or whatever you are using for the middle layer. I mostly use frozen veggies. Your potatoes should be steamed by now, whip them up with some butter and milk until they are really soft peak-creamy.

By then you have all your ingredient layers cooked and ready to assemble; lay your cooked beef-mixture into the casserole dish first, followed by the cooked veggies. Then plop your really creamy mashed potatoes over the whole thing and smooth them over with a spoon.

Cook your casserole until the potatoes are nice and toasted on the top, but also heated up inside. In the oven uncovered at 350 degrees. For about 15-20 minutes. You could go hotter, but the insides of the mashed potatoes could not get cooked. For a fail-safe, I always go lower longer, rather then hotter faster. Let cool before you cut into it, about 5 minutes.

shepherds pie
shepherds pie
shepherds pie
shepherds pie

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