7/16/15 Tempura Mustard Chicken

Today I have to be grateful that I can cook. It sometimes makes a bipolar depression a little less hard when everyone around you is eating all your cooking, in fact, it helps. I suffer from a few crazy ailments; all in which I seldom talk about, but today was really a down day for me. They come and they go. And my family suffers from, watching me drive myself crazy.

I have to keep myself busy and accomplished and doing things to feel better about myself. Today I woke up and made the boys waffles, my son ate his, and my husband decided to wait to eat it until after his Dr apt in the morning. We all went out to support him at the clinic and guess what was missing off the counter when we get back,..his waffle. I had remembered to take the garbage out, to prevent a mess from dog, but I forgot to do a counter and chair check. You see sometimes I leave a chair by the kitchen counter and that’s how charlie dog must have gotten to the waffle. Bad dog, he’s gluten intolerant, so I feel really bad.

Anyways we heated up last nights dinner for lunch and made the last of the corn dogs and frys when we got home. My son didn’t like the corn dogs but ate some cheese and bacon off of the leftovers. Darn picky kid. I decided to make some of the Schwans fillets again so I put them into the oven to boil for a while, while I figured out what I would do with them and pair with them for dinner.

My husband asked before I could really decide and I subconsciously replied I would fry them. Goodness, I guess I wanted to make chicken nuggets tonight. The last time I made chicken nuggets I did not tempura right, so I decided to take extra precautions that it would turn out. So I checked my eggs.

Funny thing about my egg situation. I realized yesterday that 18 of my 5 dozen had frozen accidentally by the fridge getting turned up too high. What the hell do you do with frozen burst open eggs that are stuck in their shell in the carton…. well you use them. I pried them away from the carton without breaking some, and some were so stuck that I had to break them into a bowl for tempura. I saved about 2-3 and set them in the fridge and pray I don’t have to deal with more frozen egg fun.

Believe me I got that fridge turned down the moment I realized it was turned up too high. But the eggs, sadly cannot magically go back together. Most of them when they froze the yolk expanded and broke inside the shell, so no over easy in their future. Sadly mostly scrambled and tempura will be happening with them.

It was about then when a funny idea hit me, I have been making more BBQ ribs lately and you have to brush mustard on first for the rub to stick, so I added a tablespoon or two of mustard into the eggs. Then made a bowl of flour and all my breadcrumbs.

tempura chicken steps
tempura chicken steps

When the chicken was all the way cooked, I took it out and cooled it down, seasoned it and cut into nugget sized shapes. I then double dipped and fried in some veggie oil, small batch about 2-3 at a time, and turning until all sides were golden brown.

I served them with some steamed mashed potatoes on the side that I made with steamed red potatoes and butter and some earth balance mayo instead of milk. I am trying to conserve my milk for the cereal for the boys snacking. My husband said that the potatoes and the chicken were both very good, and I served the chicken with local hot and sweet mustard.

tempura fried mustard chicken
tempura fried mustard chicken

The mustard is made in Mendocino, California just about 8 miles away from our town of Fort Bragg, ca. I really liked the tasted of the tempura chicken dipped with the mustard. I will be making this again and hopefully buying more mustard. Until next time in the boho kitchen.. see you later.


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