7/15/15 Skillet Potato Au Gratin

Today I made potato au gratins for dinner. I was walking by the health food store today and found a milk crate of old red potatoes sitting out. They sometimes out out un-sellable old produce stuff, and I seem to find it each time. This time finding potatoes in a crate, I thought it would be great to make au gratin for dinner.

I did it a little different today. I cant seem to get skillet serving out of my head after seeing it on t.v on cooking shows. Getting served in a skillet is awesome. So I decided to bake and serve my au gratins in my 3 skillet cast iron pans.

I started by skinning the potatoes, then slicing them really thin, I then mix them in a bowl with some milk, shredded cheese and seasonings. Then I filled my large skillet with the mix. Adding more milk to make the skillet full. This large one would be for my husband. But I am sure he will say its too much food for one person. I added more cheese on top of the mix and covered in tinfoil.

Then I chopped more veggies; carrots, leeks, onions, and chard for me and my sons servings of au gratin. I mixed in the chopped veggies with the sliced potatoes and did the same procedure. I filled my medium sized skillet with the mix and covered with more milk and topped with cheese. I also covered this one in tinfoil and I did the same for my small skillet.

I put them all into the oven with tinfoil cover for 45 minutes at 350 degrees. The potatoes steam very well when you have tinfoil. After 45 minutes I took the tinfoil off. I added more cheese on top of all of them and turned the heat up to 400, I kept them in the oven for about 10 minutes to roast the cheese on top. Results are a daddy’s size au gratin skillet, a mommy’s size au gratin skillet and a kid sized au gratin skillet. Just waiting for them to cool down before I try to hand them to the boys.

I also baked some bacon to throw on top, and my husband suggested that I brush the bacon with maple syrup halfway through cooking and I did, and its wonderful. I cannot wait to have my skillet plate topped with bacon.

skillet au gratin for everyone with bacon topping
skillet au gratin for everyone with bacon topping
child sized au gratin skillet meal
child sized au gratin skillet meal

I also made some guacamole today with leftover avocado my mom left here, and one that I had found by the health food store. I love free food. Last night I had mashed them all up, planning on making avocado brownies today. But instead I made guacamole.

To make my guacamole I added 1 ½ avocado mashed, 1 tablespoon lime mayo, 2 tablespoons garlic flavored salsa, salt and pepper and lemon juice. My husband said it could use some cilantro, but it is very very good. He say’s he could eat the whole bowl. I love that we both share a love for Mexican food. I absolutely would die for some one to just cook me authentic Mexican food everyday. But since I do not I try and make whatever I can, whenever I can.

I am prone to make chorizo and eggs in the morning. My husband’s mother taught him and now he taught me how to cook it properly. While my mother was here, I cooked some and she said she had never had any chorizo cooked so well, I love making it. Well until next time, hope your having fun making delicious food in your kitchen I know I am!


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