7/13/15 Fresh caught Crab!!!

Yesterday I processed my first live crabs. My husband went single kayak crab fishing in the harbor late at night. We live on the coast and to even have the privilege to get a license and go out on the water is mind blowing to us. He came home with 2 live crabs from the trip. I knew he was going all day so I looked up how to process crab on the internet. We took some pictures with the bounty.

live crab
live crab
live crab
live crab


I turned to one of my favorite step by step picture blogs Instructables.com. , and found a blog on how to cook crab..

Here is the link: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Cook-and-Clean-a-Fresh-Dungeness-Crab/

My husband knew that we had to boil it for exactly 10 minutes to cook it. So we set the live crab aside and boiled a large pot of water. After it got to a rolling boil, we added the live crab and set the timer. After 10 minutes we took it out and set it to cool. I had a whole side of the sink clean so I placed them in my dish tub in the sink.

Omg live crab, that is now dead in my sink. What the heck do I do with it? I was flabbergasted for a second. I had to talk myself into cleaning it.

Saying things in my head like,

“Well, if no one guts it, no one gets the meat; and if no one else wants to do it, I guess I have to.”

With the phone at my side and instructions at the ready, I went for it.

Holy messy green gut mess. I had a very messy learning experience.

First you remove parts of the crab, then the shell, and you have to rinse as you go. I had to remove gills and eyes and pinchers. I made a mess of guts and parts and then finally I had a plate of crab that was clean full of meat ready to be extracted.. I had did it. Here is the proof.

cooked crab
cooked crab

Its quite amazing to be able to have looked at my meal in the eyes, live and dead, before I ate it. I removed the eyes with respect for the creature that gave up its life for my meal. Its a humbling experience and I hope I get to experience it more often.

You should always be able to do that, to look your meat in the eyes, alive, before you kill it. It brings you closer to nature and realizing what the animal gave up to feed you. It gave me a respect for killing. I plan on trying to meet some chickens and turkeys in my near future too. I heard of a farm on t.v one time that you could BYOC, bring your own chicken and they would teach you how to slaughter it properly. I think I would love an experience like that.

After crab, I think I am ready to filet also. Normally when my husband comes home with fish from fishing, he guts and filets the fish, but I am going to ask him to teach me next time. I feel like after seeing those guts I could handle more…lol


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