7/12/15 Baked Chicken


The other day, grandma came to visit. I had the house so clean and ready. I was so happy to have her come over and see all the organizing I had done. She was impressed. I even had her look at my new collection of old cookbooks that I now have organized in the kitchen, I am really proud of that, and I was excited to show them off.

She thought it was pretty cool the extensive collection I have all gotten for free from the food bank of all gmo free ingredient cookbooks. She was trying to tell me that only the old ‘Betty Crocker’ books call for non gmo ingredients, but truly mostly any cookbook that you can find that was produced pre-1979 will not call for anything that is gmo. I love that about old cookbooks, that is why I collect them. I even have one from the 1800’s. That one doesn’t even have measurements.

I decided that I would bake for grandma. She cannot have gluten, so I wasn’t worried about using any flour while she was visiting. And for the most part of her visit, I remembered not to serve her anything with gluten. I decided to make something with the only gluten free flour that I have right now, which is coconut. I went into my little master notebook of recipes that I have tested and liked to make so much that I have written them down, and turned to the page with the gluten free one bowl cupcakes.

Coconut flour one bowl cupcakes, by Powerhungry.com, its a great recipe that I have tested and tried by myself at home. Here is the link.


I made these in one bowl, quickly dished them into some cupcake liners in my tin and made a small batch of cupcakes. The recipe calls for 4 eggs, so the cupcakes almost come out like a yellow cake, they are moist and flavorful from the vanilla that you add and the liquid sweetener. This time I added simple syrup instead of using maple syrup and I think it made it taste a lot better.

Here are some pictures of the gluten free coconut flour small batch one bowl cupcakes.

coconut flour cupcakes
coconut flour cupcakes
coconut flour cupcakes
coconut flour cupcakes

I also made baked chicken for dinner. This recipe for chicken has been a home Run for my family ever since I made it a few months ago. I turn to it, when I am not feeling well enough to prep much and I don’t want to do much work. Its an easy prep, easy bake, easy ingredient simple moist chicken recipe that I use my frozen Schawns chicken for. I am sure you can use any kind of chicken for this, just make sure that you boil-cook it all the way before you bake it. To ensure that you are not serving raw chicken. Here is my secret recipe, and if you ask my mother its darn good and it works and its almost gluten free. Minus one ingredient that is easily substituted.

Milk Baked chicken

Equipment you will need:

Pot to boil chicken

Cast iron or casserole dish to bake chicken


Boneless chicken breast or filet (I use frozen Schawns)







Parmesan cheese


Boil your chicken until it is cooked. I do not actually boil anything on my stove. And I do not have a pot the size to do chicken, so I use a casserole dish, and my oven to boil. To do it that way, fill your casserole dish with your frozen chicken, about one layer on the bottom and fill it with water until the chicken is all the way covered in water. I put the lid on and put it into the oven on 350 degrees until my chicken is turned white. Then I drain the water, and take my chicken out to cool.

After your chicken is cooled, you can either keep it whole or cut it up into the size pieces you want. I season both sides at a distance with salt, pepper and paprika.

Then I arrange them into the cast iron. I place 2-3 tablespoons butter into the pan around them and pour milk into the pan so that the chicken is sitting in a bath of milk. I surround the chicken about ½ way with milk, without pouring it over the chicken.

When you pour the milk over the chicken you can knock some of your seasonings off and you do not want to do that. Carefully pour your milk around the chicken until the pan is halfway filled or the chicken is halfway sitting in the milk.

Then I take some breadcrumbs (you can use gluten free breadcrumbs here) and sprinkle the exposed top of the chicken with breadcrumbs, this is another reason why you only want the milk halfway, then the breadcrumbs stay dry and get crunchy instead of soggy when you bake.

After the breadcrumbs are over the tops of the chicken, if I have any, I will use some Parmesan here and will sprinkle Parmesan over the whole thing, giving it a more Alfredo taste.

I place the chicken butter milky cast iron into the oven and bake at 350 until the milk is halfway gone and you cannot even tell it is there. If you want you could add some corn starch to the mix and you could come up with a pretty good gravy, but otherwise this just makes some greatly seasoned and moist chicken that can go with about anything. We have had ours with rice mostly but I am sure it would work over a great pasta dish also.



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