7/11/15 In anticipation of Dungeness Crab

I was planning on cleaning soon. I wanted to clean out my closet and organize my old art boxes, make room for some book shelves by my bed, and even make my art desk able to sit down at. I finally did everything I wanted to do. Their is nothing like expecting guests in your home to get you to clean, and guess who is coming to visit in the morning. Grandma, and possibly auntie aka my mother and sister. I sure did get it extra clean for a grandma visit.

I swear to god, I woke up to a completely different apartment this morning, the laundry pile was the size of my art desk, the back door was inaccessible and absolutely even thinking of vacuuming the back bedroom was out of the question. I actually can walk to the back door now, and my closet pile of old art boxes doesn’t run the risk of falling over on you anymore when you walk by, or when you open the back door. Its a world of a difference. I swear playing tetris as a teen and child has taught me how to deal with boxes in a whole different sense now.

Today I vacuumed the whole house, from front door to back door. That is a tiny miricle for me. I am proud to say that I can also look at my art desk with pride again and even Elijah’s art desk is better. I now have a significant pile of books and boxes of books by my bedside, yay, I want certain books near me when I want them most. I will one day soon create a nice side table-bookshelf for myself there.

So expecting Grandma certainly lite a fire under my butt to clean. I couldn’t believe it when my closet and back door area was done better. My husband saw me get started and naturally I started at the back door.

He said,

“ Oh I know you, your going to start there and work your way through the whole house.”

And that’s exactly what I did. We may still have some laundry to do, but I have it in laundry bags, unseen. I just need to sweep the kitchen and I think maybe I can feel the ‘grandma house cleaning tension’ go away. But its a big one. Bigger then your best friend coming to visit anxiety at least. So I got the house “presentable for a guest”. Even if its just my mom.

And in other news my husband is going to go crabbing tomorrow off the jetty. That means that we are having fresh caught crab when my mom comes over tomorrow. I cannot wait. I even already went out and bought a 20 quart pot to boil it. I didn’t have any pots big enough for any crab. We thought we were getting some from a friend tonight, but he’s just going to go out fishing tomorrow instead.

Since I thought I was getting crab all day I didn’t think about cooking and I just cleaned until It was supposed to be dropped off. When it didn’t come I threw in some Schwan’s food to make quick since it was already 5 pm. I threw in some corn dogs and french frys and got out some salad. This is the first time I have ordered corn dogs and I am fairly happy to have something quick to make now.

Here is a picture.

corn dogs, salad and French frys
corn dogs, salad and French frys

So in honor of grandma I have been thinking of posting a song, lets see if I can get it right.

“Grandma’s coming ’round Hwy 20 when she comes,

yea Grandma’s coming ’round Hwy 20 when she comes,

Darn well cleaned the house to see her,

Darn well cleaned the house to see her,

Yea Grandma’s coming round Hwy 20 when she comes.

She’ll be eating crab when she gets here,

yes, she’ll be eating crab when she gets here,

Yea sheeee’ssss coming ’round Hwy 20 when she comes..yeehaw”


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