7/9/15 Roma Tomato Sauce with Angel Hair

Tomorrow we get our food stamps. Tomorrow we get our monthly Schwans delivery of frozen food ingredients. Tomorrow most likely we are going to all go shopping together and buy our bulk meat and bulk baking stuff.

Today we just had to get through until tomorrow. Thank God for the food bank. We had some frozen Amy’s Kitchen vegan tamales for lunch, from the food bank. And we made a pot of white Thai jasmine rice too, to snack on. We buy 10 pounds or more plus of Jasmine Rice a month, so we have some leftover till food stamp day.

For dinner I figured out that I had most of the ingredients for a pretty good Italian spaghetti sauce. I had some self-frozen fresh steamed mushrooms in the freezer. I had some white onions, and I had some Romas leftover from yesterday. Hey the fresher the tomato base in my sauce I say the better. So I put them all into a pan; the defrosted pucks of frozen mushrooms, diced white onion and halved Roma tomatoes. I caramelized them all with some extra virgin olive oil.

I even mashed some of the Romas and mushrooms down with a potato masher. I let it caramelize until everything was nice and cooked then added a little canned tomato sauce, cause the Roma’s didn’t thicken it up enough. I only added about 1/3 of a cup of sauce. I let it cook down and reduce to half of what I put into it. Adding Italian seasonings all along the way and some salt to taste. Its ended up still being thick, but very tasty. The only thing that I think it could have needed is some garlic.

Here is a picture of dinner.

angel hair pasta with Roma sauce and salad with raisins and vinaigrette
angel hair pasta with Roma sauce and salad with raisins and vinaigrette

I also made a disaster this morning, trying to make gluten free muffins with my coconut flour. It did not work out, I think I did not use enough coconut flour and I was trying to make lemon poppy seed muffins without eggs and I know from some coconut flour recipes that eggs are crucial, so my flax egg did not work out well. Tomorrow I will have some eggs and maybe try it again. I will not even dare post my disaster picture here. I did post it to Facebook though, and you can see my mistake there.


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