Apple Pie

Apple Pie

There is just something super American about Apple Pie. It’s even in the first American published cookbook, a 1796 book called “American Cookery”, written by Amelia Simmon. We have been making apple pies far for a long time in America.

I felt as an being an American and proud, that I had to conquer this American tradition, or else I couldn’t call myself an Bakaholic. I had a hard time getting over just making cobblers. Crumbling the butter and flour was not easy for me to learn. Then I had to have a pie crust learning experience. My family could surely tell you about my fair share of failed pies. I took a while to learn but now after months of learning my way, I can make a perfect apple pie. I feel so American. =)

Here are a few of my glory pics.

apple pie
homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream
apple pie and ice cream


both green and pink apples
open faced apple pie with whipped cream

An apple pie consists of only 2 things. The crust and the filling. I have read a lot of different apple pie recipes, and although I love being healthy most of the time, I indulge in a very unhealthy recipe for my favorite butter-full American apple pie.

Anyways, I fell in love with this guilty pleasure master recipe for it.

Here is the link:

I know it may be bad but I looked to a butter company’s blog. How could I not go wrong if you don’t skimp on the butter; and you know them butter company blogs don’t skimp on that. So Land O’ Lakes ‘s recipe won. I have made this over and over and over and over, and over. And I have even made it in mini cupcake size versions. I have substituted the butter sometimes for half of what is called for and used organic shortening instead but it doesn’t end up as flaky. Really, Butter is better if you want a flaky crust and a juicy filling.

I love a flaky perfect pie crust and here’s a little tutorial I made post on how to make pie crust.

Here is the link to it:

Now go on and have some American Fun! Make yourself some homemade whipped cream to go with it by adding heavy cream and some powdered sugar together. Mix it up with an electric mixer and you have some homemade whipped cream. Enjoy making some American apple pie. Really it may seem hard, but sometimes I think the hardest part is just chopping the apples.


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