7/5/15 BBQ Ribs in the Oven

7/5/15 BBQ Ribs in the Oven

I love having grilled food. There is nothing better then yummy meat that has been on the BBQ and grilled to perfection. My whole family loves it. We have made everything from meat-veggie skewers to every kind of meat to grilled fish. It now summer and its especially the season for it. I cant wait to make all kinds of BBQ this summer. But the problem is we do not have a BBQ.

That hasn’t stopped me so far. I have a killer recipe for BBQ slow cooked pork shoulder and its made in the crock pot. I even can make slow cooked awesome Mexican Carnitas meat with a beef chuck roast and its in the crock pot. We even love making BBQ chicken, and its in the made in my old apartment oven. My newest favorite way to BBQ is in the oven. I never figured out that it was possible to make BBQ ribs in the oven, until I tried it myself. Its incredibly easy! I cant take credit for the recipe execution as I did Google it, but I will be nice enough to share the link that I used. Its great! It shows step by awesome step on how to make BBQ Ribs in the oven.

Here is the Link:


I have made this only once before, and I am making it again tonight. Its too easy not to make at least 2 times a month and I do plan on doing so for the season of summer at least. I watched a “Good Eats with Alton Brown” called Right on Q!, that helped me to pick out the correct cut of Rib meat, called a St. Louie Style Cut and its helped me to pick out the most juiciest cuts of meat in the markets. I got one first from my local butcher and today I am cooking a Beelers organic cut of it. I am excited for ribs and rice.



bbq ribs
bbq ribs
Before baking; with mustard and rub
Before baking; with mustard and rub

For a fun fact about this page and blog, if it were up to my husband to name it, it would be Ribs and Rice. Its one of those comfort foods for him, and I don’t mind it at all. Now that I know how to turn a small budget cut of meat into amazing BBQ ribs without a BBQ, I don’t mind making it any chance I can get. Speaking of, I think it may be done. Time to check on it.

We used a mustard brush on, with a Roundman’s Smokehouse dry rub and its making the house smell so yummy! Roundman’s Smokehouse is a local smokehouse here in Fort Bragg, Ca. Have Fun making BBQ without a BBQ!


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