Celebrating Mom’s Organic Boho Food Fun

I used to live in Santa Rosa. We used to love to go to the downtown book fair and see all our local authors. I even guest judged a teen poetry slam one year. I love seeing the book van, that goes around town with books for kids. I even realized my life dream their one year. I wanted to self-publish a book.

I met a lady named Nina Amir, their that wrote a book called “How to Blog a Book”, and it changed my whole perspective on self-publishing. I never got to pick up the book, or read it, but the initial concept clicked. I am a writer at heart and once I found the right subject, I could self-publish; MY DREAM, by simply just blogging! It was an amazing concept.

Only when writing this now in 2015 am I looking up her guided blog advice on Google, but her idea stuck with me. I will blog a book. I have been self-publishing since my teens online, through venues such as Livejournal and Yahoo Geocities and Myspace, way before the invention of Facebook. Once Facebook came around, I developed 2 brands for myself; one through my artwork and another through my cooking. I couldn’t wait to figure out how to write a blog and create a brand for a book.

I worked on my art brand for quite a while and myself and my living situation for a few years and put this concept on the back burner. What would I possibly write about? How could I come up with content ie articles for the blog? Do I even have it in me to make enough blog posts to write a well written book? I wondered this for years.

I have finally gotten to a point in my life that writing blog posts is required for my sanity. I blog about my second Facebook brand now, my cooking brand. Mom’s Organic Bohemian Food Fun, which I created in 2012. I sort of created it as a Junior College extra credit Marketing assignment. We were studying the use of keywords in businesses and how they work for your brand. I found my keywords that I identified with my personal brand were organic, bohemian, and food. I also was a new mom, and Mom is a very trending word in marketing also. So I created my Facebook brand and my page which focuses on my organic food fun that I create as a boho mom. I certainly got the extra credit, and I also gained about 600 friends since then over that name and brand.

Now since November 2014, I started my Boho Mom blog. What will I call my book? I am still working on that one. How to live on EBT foodstamps organically, How to live Food Bank Fabulous, How to cook Bohemian food fun on a budget,.. Still deciding on the possibilities. All I know now is that content is key, and producing just as many blogs as possible to later sift through for a book is what I have to do. So I also created a crutch for myself, to ensure I am always blogging I created a “Blog a day challenge” for myself, that no matter what I cook that day, I will blog about it. I do not plan doing this forever, but as long as I am a budding blogger, I will try to keep it up.

Today I am going to celebrate 2 things for the blog. I finally have 50 blog posts after tonight. I read once that Google will only be able to index you after you have 50 blogs. So I have been running to that magic 50 number for months. I am finally there. I even got a new theme that is really clean reading and navigation-able for my blogs. You can now click the top and find certain things like a section for “Tips and Tricks in the Kitchen” and a “Ingredient Breakdown” section which honestly I think have some amazingly written blogs, so go check them out if you have not seen them yet.

The second thing we are celebrating today is buying a domain name! Yay! You no longer have to type in .wordpress.com after my site name. Its now MomsOrganicBohoFoodFun.com and I am so happy! I could not be happier! Hip hip hooray for finding a subject I love to blog a book with. Hip hip hooray for hitting 50 blogs to be indexed by Google. Hip hip Hooray for having my Domain! Yay!


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