7/4/15 Rose Braids; Cheese-Butter and Cinnamon Roll

Today I woke up to a clean house. Today I woke up with food in the house. Today I woke up to actually wanting to cook and bake the day away, and even better, its 4th of July. Its a beautiful day here in Fort Bragg, Ca, and the sun has been blessing my kitchen with his rays all morning. I decided yesterday that I was so excited to make yeast bread, that I absolutely had to plan it for today, no matter what our plans. And luckily I have managed to bake before its even dinner or firework time.

I made our special percolator coffee this morning and started to put some butter in a cast iron for eggs for my husband. Then I remembered, I bought bread so he could have some over easy over toast, he loves that. Then I remembered something else. My over easy eggs have been kinda sorry lately, no matter how much I butter the cast iron. So I told my husband the situation. Surprisingly he took over and made his own breakfast.. perfect over easy eggs. Darn it, wish I could do that. He’s pretty good at cooking, he just hides it from me, to see how much more I can learn everyday.

Elijah and I had an omelet split in half. I used the leftover bacon-kale creamed salad from the other night, and scrambled 2 eggs with some half and half with it in a cup. I put it into my omelet pan and we had a great omelet. I made him a happy face of ketchup and he ate the whole half I gave him. I loved mine with some sprinkled Parmesan cheese.

Anyways, after breakfast I decided to make 2 yeast loaves of bread. My favorite way lately has been rose braids stuffed, so I planned on trying that again. My biggest problem with these kinds of loaves is not cooking them thoroughly. Its got so many layers inside that it need to cook inside and outside perfect to be edible at all. I am still finding my oven’s perfect temperature for this.

I made my first loaf with way too much butter, about a half a pound of homemade. I know that’s a lot but I cant stand bland bread and I wanted to use up as much as I can. Maybe should have cut back a little. My dough is still a recipe I am developing using rapid rise yeast, some half and half and butter. Adapted from a blogger friend of mines white bread that uses water and oil. I replace the oil with butter and the water with milk or a fatty milk substitute. I am still working on my recipe.

After the dough is made and ready to roll, I roll it out. This time I graded some cheese on top after brushing with olive oil. I sprinkled some salt and pepper and rolled it up like a cinnamon roll, pinching the edges as I went to secure it. I then do the same rose rolling method that I describe in my last rose braid post, essentially stretching and twisting the dough the dough into a snake then a rose braid. Its actually kinda fun.

Here are some pictures of the rose braid with cheese after baking it for some time. I am still figuring out the time and temperature to get the whole inside to cook, after taking these pictures I cut into it and realized the middle was still dough and had to be baked more, I eventually had to pull the rose apart and bake until it was cooked through, it did take a while.

cheese Rose with butter
cheese Rose with butter

My second loaf I added some ground flax to the dry part of the dough and used less butter and more milk, I liked this dough constancy a little bit better and the butter taste isn’t too overwhelming. I also added a half a jar of my cinnamon spiced sugar to the dough for a cinnamon roll dough. I rolled this out and poured the rest of the jar unto the surface of the dough and pressed it in, then rolled it up. I then did the same rose bread procedure as before and this time after forming it, I gave it a egg wash and a sugar sprinkle.

I baked this one a lot longer and slower and it turned out perfect inside. The only house complaint is I should have used more spiced sugar, I guess I need to make a bigger jar of it.

Here are some pictures of that.




My husband is going to make corn bread tonight, so I am keeping the kitchen clean. We are going to have some canned chili and maybe some corn from the cob fresh.

I am also excited to go see the fireworks tonight at our local harbor. I am really looking forward to taking some homemade bread snacks with us and setting a spot out to watch. We had really great spots last year right on a cliff side and I hope we get them again. Happy 4th of July 2015 every one. Remember to stay safe and keep your doggies safe too!

loaves of rose bread
loaves of rose bread



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