Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization: & The Power of the Vision Board

Most of my life has been kinda crazy, from being a child of a divorce home to leaving my mothers house at 17 and meeting the love of my life. To living on the streets and using drugs, then coming clean and sober and having a child, and now having our first real apartment to ourselves and soon finally getting each our own license to drive. It has been a whirlwind of experience.

I look back on my diaries from on the streets and see the dreams of having a place of our own. I see the writing of hopes and dreams of having a child, I see the drawings I made before of what I wanted, in 2009, and most of everything in those creative visualizations have come true today, in 2015. I see that I got what I wanted. I see that everything that I creatively hoped and dreamed about came true. I think that the power of creative visualization is more than real. I know from personal experience that giving my hopes and dreams value by writing them on paper, made them more real for me. I realize now that the more that I creatively visualize what I want in life, that the more easily those things come to me.

You may not have ever heard of creative visualization before. Writing hopes and dreams would be a form of it. Writing 5 year plans, in reality or just hopes..helps. I remember back when I was working the 12 step program and doing some creative visualization work with my sponsor. We were homeless at the time, living at the Mary Issac Center in Petaluma, a homeless shelter. It wasn’t just any regular homeless shelter, it was a dry shelter. Meaning that you had to be clean and sober to be there. It was the best thing for both me and my husband to get our lives turned around at the time.

I remember being given some homework by my sponsor to list a 10 year plan. Its kinda hard for anyone in a homeless situation to be given that kind of assignment, you are sitting on the brink of the rest of your life, trying not to look behind you, and just wanting to move forward. Being given this assignment I think changed my life. I remember sitting outside of the shelter writing down my dreams; having a place to call home, a family, responsibility, love and to be in a community. Ever since that assignment, my life started to change.

It may have still been years till my husband had a decent place to call home, but we have now done it. It may have taken some work, but I have been embraced by the blessed community of Sebastopol and felt like a real artist. Selling my wares for 3 years and becoming a Santa Rosa Junior College student bettering myself, has always been from my creative visualizations. I dreamed of being a decent artist that sold artwork when I was still on the streets, so I took my art from the streets to the stores and am proud to say that I have sold a whole lot of my own and my husbands artwork. I made myself a farmers market booth from nothing and worked my way from a using a skateboard for a table to having a tent and multiple tables of wares. I think all this came from realizing that my dreams are valid. Dreams are valid. Dreams have validity, dreams are what we want from life and we should always follow our dreams.

I once dreamed of having a child. I drew pictures of babies and baby rooms and picked out a name for my son or daughter years before a child was blessed to me. I think also that everything happens for a reason and god will give us the strength and will to overcome anything life throws at us. And HE also plans for our future. I am not really religious but I know the universe gave me my son at the right time in my life, even though I wanted a baby years before. I have been planning a child since 2006, I had 2 mis-carraiges before I had my son, and finally in 2010, my son was born. I am blessed to have my dreams come true. I have been dreaming them for a long long while and also creatively visualizing them.

I also want to mention the power of vision boards. I have been making vision boards my whole life and even have a box of old collage art from when I was a teen and a child. My mother always encouraged us children to cut up magazines and paste things that we liked on boards. Little did I know, that was creative visualization. I love making vision boards to this day. I made one 3 years ago for my business mission and I look at it everyday, its lots of pictures of art and food and organic things. I dream of always being in the organic scene and embracing good food and good art, that board always reminds me of my business dreams. I also made a wonderful “Celebration of Harvest” vision board in my kitchen that has dancing women and beautiful baskets of fruits and veggies to help me see my dreams of wonderful food in my kitchen at all times. You see when we have vision boards, when we make time to know what we love and want out of life, it helps us achieve it. I found an older vision board of mine the other day and I have it clipped to the fridge by my stove, I also see this every day.

This older vision board that I found I made in High School, for an assignment in one of my classes. We were told to make a collage of our future, including things like what kind of home you would live in, if you would have children, and pets. I absolutely love what I made. When you look at it, you see a beautiful beach side home that is immaculate, gardens galore, a picture of a little blonde puppy and beautiful long haired blonde children, you see what I have. I see what I am going to have and what I have today. I have a apartment by the beach. I can step outside and see the ocean. I had a cute little puppy that is now a grown dog, that oddly used to look just like the puppy in the collage. I have a long blonde haired child. I have made gardens galore and I surely love them. This is a creative visualization confirmation at my fingertips and made before I even got out of school.

Now at a ripe age of 26, I realize my full blown power of creative visualization. I realize that I manifest my own reality and it all sparks from my Dreams. I love dreaming, don’t you? I love setting all worldly judgment aside and dreaming of my future. Never working for anyone else, why not?! Living by the beach, well I better! Having a family that loves me, well that was my biggest dream and now the biggest blessing in my life. I created the most loving family I could ever need.

I manifested my dreams and I invite you to also. Do you have a dream? Do you have some magazines? Do you have some scissors and glue, I invite you to make a vision board. Start Slow and just paste things that make you happy, things you find beautiful. You will open up a part of you that loved to dream and you will thank me, looking at your dreams makes them easier to see, and visualizing them makes them easier to achieve.

I hope all your dreams come true! Love Boho Mom


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