7/1/15 Crock Pot Beans and Rice


Today I checked the freezer, and it was empty of all my supply of meats. So I checked the pantry for protein substitutes. I found 2 bags of beans, pinto and red and a supply of red lentils. Since the lentils are for a foodie emergency, and not much in my family likes them but me. I used the bag of pinto beans and started soaking them as soon as I realized its all we had for protein for dinner. I know it may not be much but in times of need, bags of dry beans save us. We make a pot of rice and pour heavily seasoned beans on it and its like a vegan chili.

After soaking the beans for like an hour, I put them in the crock pot with some diced onion and covered in some chili seasonings. I have been cooking them on high since 12:30 pm and its now 5:30 pm, they are almost done. As soon as I started seeing them get soft, I added a can of diced tomatoes with green chili into them, I hope its not too spicy. I think it should be alright.

Turned out exactly as I thought, a little bland except for the tomatoes and chilis which my husband could not eat, but he enjoyed the beans. I also made some freezer supply of carrots and topped them with some brown sugar with cinnamon to ensure my son would eat them. Here is a pic of dinner.

beans and rice
beans and rice

Today for lunch I made some more pantry stuff. I actually was able to feed the boys some meat this morning with breakfast, I made the last of the country sausage with eggs. For lunch I made Kamut Noodles, Spiral from Eden Foods. I added them to some rolling boiling water and boiled them for about 10 minutes. I then drained them and added a cup of milk, a cup and a half of shredded cheese and a dash of ground mustard and paprika. I then put it into a casserole dish and covered with my homemade breadcrumbs. I baked it until all the cheese melted and the breadcrumbs toasted, and viola organic mac and cheese for lunch!

kamut mac and cheese
kamut mac and cheese
vintage recipe I used
vintage recipe I used

Saturday is 4th of July and for months I had been planning on baking a beautiful red white and blue dessert for the holiday, but I am now realizing that this patriotic holiday falls on my worst week of food, the beginning of the month is the hardest for us. We have to pay rent and bills so we dont have much money at all, and we don’t get food stamps until the 10th. So I am positive I will not be able to bake what I want on Saturday, but I will try to make something fun with minimal food.

As soon as I get food stamps I will bake a red white and blue cornmeal shortcake dessert and I am looking forward to sharing it every 4th after this.


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