6/30/15 Creamy cheesy potato Soup with bacon


Today I made creamy potato soup for dinner. I made it kinda so fast and easy that I had to let it sit and reheat it up for dinner time. My husband said it was a little thick, but I will tell ya’ll the ways to fix that problem. I sure as heck shall be watching out for it getting too thick next time I make it.

First off, before I go telling you my potato soup secrets. I gotta rave about my oldest and best appliance, my rice cooker with veggie steamer tray. I use that darn tray for steaming veggies just about every day. I use it for cooking rice about 2-3 times a week depending on what we are having. I think that steam cooking is better then boiling veggies. I have tried a whole lot of veggies steamed, from chard, to bok choy, to pumpkin, carrot, beet and even steamed potatoes.

I love making steamed potatoes over boiled. It brings out the flavor of the potato you are using. My favorites are reds, or fingerlings for certain things. Normally for any potato recipe that I steam I will skin my potatoes beforehand, its an extra step, I know. But my husbands sensitive stomach cannot take much of them, so I try not to include them cooking.

For my potato soup, I steamed some potatoes. Looking back I wish I would have steamed less potatoes, as I ended up with a very starchy soup. More on that in a sec. I put the skinned potatoes into the veggie steamer in the rice cooker and added some water to the bottom and pressed “white rice” giving me a 37 min time frame to start the base of my soup.

making of soup
making of soup

For the base of my soup tonight I used chopped leek and onions and bacon with a lot of fat and a whole lot of butter. No butter disclaimer here, I used a lot. Anyways, I caramelized the onions and leeks until they were nice and mushy and the butter evenly browned.

I did manage to make a time lapse video at this point in cooking tonight. I set it up to show the ease of making potato soup in a 3 step process. First caramelizing the alliums with butter and fat, 2nd adding the potatoes that had been steamed and creamed with some half and half in the blender, and 3rd step adding chopped cheddar cheese to the hot soup. Unfortunately I am still trying to figure out how to upload my time lapses to my blog. But it did manage to upload to my Facebook page if you want to see my process.

Essentially your making a very creamy mashed potato with a veggie soup base, and mixing the two together in the best way that works and for me that was a lot of butter. For you I am sure you could tweak the way I made this soup into your own way. To each its own.

making bacon for soup
making bacon for soup

My soup was lacking in what my husband likes to call “chunkies” although I did have one lone chopped potato in with the leek and onion mix cooking, I should have used more of what I steamed for chunkies. But we live and learn and today making creamy cheesy potato soup topped with bacon was just another one of my Boholicious learning experiences.

creamy potato soup with bacon
creamy potato soup with bacon

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