6/29/15 Rose Braids

Today I baked a lot. I made Carrot-Beet muffins, I put them into a separate blog here.


Feels good to work with dough sometimes and today was no exception. I have a strange baking addiction but an even stranger addiction to making, rolling and stretching out dough. I love making pie dough, biscuit dough and even have started to overcome yeast dough. I have been experimenting with yeast dough and I have come to fall in love with braids in particular. I love rolling the dough into long snakes and twisting it up with other pieces and making beautiful rose braid masterpieces. I have made a few so far, and between danish braids and rose braids I think I could make braids everyday. I have come to find that the beautiful way the rose braids make a yummy layered bread is just about my favorite way.

This is the last rose braid I made, to show the shape. This one was a cinnamon roll rose braid, filled with a brown sugar cinnamon filling.

cinnamon rose braid
cinnamon rose braid

Today’s Yeast dough I split into two balls to make braids. First I fresh ground some cardamom. Here are some amazing pictures I took today of cardamom, from in the seed pod, to out of the seed pod, to fresh ground.

cardamom seeds and ground cardamom
cardamom seeds and ground cardamom

I also took about a 1/8th of a teaspoon on nutmeg and a ½ a teaspoon of my brown-sugar-cinnamon mix and used all 3 spices in one of my braids.

cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamom with brown sugar
cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamom with brown sugar

I took the ball of yeast dough, and rolled it out, spreading my spices onto it, then I rolled it up. Then I stretched it out and squeezed it until it was a long snake like dough, then I folded it in half and twist the two halves together. I then roll the twisted braid into a rose shape. I baked my rose breads in well oiled cast irons for a long while in an oven that varied from 250-350 degrees. I think baking it at lower temperatures longer ensures the braid insides to be cooked. And giving it high heat creates more crust.

I took the other dough, and rolled it out and spread olive oil mixed with roasted tomato and bell pepper tapanade unto it. Then spread some shredded cheese and some Italian seasonings. I repeated the same braiding and stretching process with this one also. They both turned out really yummy.

I am actually really disappointed in myself. I made amazing rose braids and didn’t take sufficient pictures of them. I tried a new program on my husbands phone that took a time-lapse video of me cutting both of them, but now I realize that wordpress doesn’t allow those videos.. that sucks. I apologize for the  detailed post without pictures.

Dinner was easy enough tonight, I made biscuits and hash browns in the oven from my Schwans supply in the freezer and cooked some country sausage also. I made a quick gravy with some crumbled sausage and half and half and some flour. Dinner was awesome!


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