6/28/15 Black Fish

I started today in what seemed like a new apartment, so much cleaning yesterday enabled me to be able to wake up and make coffee and breakfast with ease. Its always hard to cook when you don’t have your dishes done, yesterday I went to bed with a house full of clean dishes and an empty clean sink. Its a big deal for me. I hope I can keep this up. I am trying really hard, to not have another mountain of dishes again.

I was able to start coffee. (Even though I didn’t realize until after breakfast making that the burner wasn’t all the way connected.) I made the rest of the Bisquick that we had into pancakes for the boys, that was my first box of Bisquick, on request of my husband. He doesn’t know I would rather make it homemade. And I think he wants me to buy it again, I may just have a box of it in the house for quick projects, for the boys. I only have tried one recipe with it and liked it, chicken and dumplings, with Bisquick dumplings and it was yummy. Otherwise I cannot stand much GMO box pancake mixes.

I also tried to make some scrambled eggs, the right way, with some milk and a huge cast iron. I didn’t use enough butter because when it came to time to flip the eggs, magically without a spatula, I couldn’t. So we scraped and flipped and it still was yummy, but not magical. I made some the other day that I swear were like magic, the best scrambled I have ever made, with enough butter, you can magically flip those in the cast iron a few times before serving. But that didn’t happen today.

And the coffee was late, I am not having my first good cup until later in the afternoon then I would ever want, but oh well. The mouths are fed so far and the coffee is served and the kitchen is clean, I say I am doing pretty good so far.

For Lunch I made risotto for the first time. I am so intimidated by risotto, but made it ok, so I am a little less fearful now. I always see experienced chefs mess it up on Hell’s Kitchen, and Chef Ramsey always sends them back. I used the last chicken filet from my Schwans order last month, and boiled it until it was cooked. Then I added some breadcrumbs, some of the Parmesan risotto seasoning packet and some real Parmesan and a whole lot of butter, and cooked it on the stove. It turned out really seasoned and good for me but a little strong for my husband, I could have held back on the seasoning packet I think.

chicken and rissotto
chicken and risotto

For dinner we had a fresh cut fish. A Black. 2 fillets. I tried my best to cook them, first by soaking in some milk, covering in breadcrumbs, with paprika and a dash of Italian seasonings, then grilling in the cast iron in a lot of butter. After the insides turned white, skin side down in the butter, I thought I was done. I de-skinned it and tried to get most of the remaining bones out. ( we are still learning how to cut fish well.)

Upon further inspection and a lot of light, my husband and I took it all apart and gave it a lot more heat in the cast iron, pulled apart. My husband finished cooking it for me. I am really happy that he is able to help me cook lately. He cut this fish, from whole from a friend catching it local, and helped me cook it.

black fish, caper stuffing
black fish, caper stuffing

I took a couple recipes from my 1970’s family circle seafood cookbook, and made this fish at first according to to a recipe and adapting it to the cut that I had, much smaller then the fish in the book. I also made a caper stuffing according to the seafood book. I didn’t enjoy it so much. It would work for some one who likes capers with their fish, I however would prefer just lemon and butter normally.

And I also made my snicker-doodle refrigerator cookies, and they turned a little pancake like , but my husband calls them “Snicker-doodle Crisps” and guess what, they only lasted a few hours. So they must have been good, the boys devoured them. And that was another day in the boho house. Tomarrow I will have to get inventive with breakfast country sausage, cause that’s the last package of meat I have for the month in the freezer. Until tomarrow!

Snicker-doodle crisps
Snicker-doodle crisps

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