6/27/15 Crock Pot Beef and Broccoli

Today I made broccolli and beef in the crock pot. I actually had an obsessive compulsive cleaning day and making something in the crock pot enabled me to clean all day. I woke up to a mountain of dishes and a really dirty kitchen. We have been fighting roaches for the last few months and had to have a really good cleaning day to keep them at bay.

I did the dishes, scrubbing the sink as I went. I redid all around my kitchen sink and rearranged some things to look and be better. I actually fit my metal dish rack into the second side of my sink so that I never have an overwhelming mountain in each side and so that the dishes can drain into the sink and not my counter. It used to make a lake on my counter and drip over the sides to the floor and now that problem is fixed.

I pulled out the electric stove, ensuring that I would get each and every dust bunny and dead roach and stray popcorn kernel that was hiding behind it. I was really OCD, and luckily it was all worth it. I bleach cleaned the whole kitchen, even behind the stove. Even though you may not see it, stray food behind furniture such as the stove really keeps the bugs alive. So clean it as often as you can to ensure less bugs in your home.

I scrubbed the floor clean and even moved everything off my kitchen tile, so its easier to keep clean. I had a mini table on the tile next to the sink in the kitchen before and now its moved to the living room. I organized all my cookbooks unto it. And even created a little mini pantry with some baskets of apples and onions and potato on my mini table.

Now to share some cooking, While I was scrubbing the floor and behind the stove, I asked my husband to slice up the chuck roast small and thin, for beef and broccoli. He sliced it up perfect, mentioning he was really happy to help me and expressing that he would love to help me cook some more. I said “Good, cause we are buying larger cuts of meat from now on, and you can help me butcher them.”

He put the sliced beef into the crock pot. As I finished cleaning I figured out in my head what else we would have with the beef. I figured out that I could use the rest of my cabbage, some eggplant, some bell pepper and bok choy to make some amazing steamed veggies. So I did. And it turned out great, I chopped all those veggies into a casserole dish and covered it, put some water in it for steam and baked until they were all mushy.

steamed veggies
steamed veggies

The beef was extremely easy, so easy that I am not going to share how I made it, cause I used someone else’s recipe. So I will just share a link to the recipe for you. It turned out really good and I cooked on high for about 5 hrs, and mixed in the steamed broccoli that I just so happened to make yesterday into it.

beef and broccoli
beef and broccoli

Here is the recipe link.


And here is the pictures of our dinner.

dinner plates
dinner plates
daddys plate
daddys plate

I am really happy that I cleaned yesterday, its like waking up to a different apartment when it is clean. I am amazed that I did so much and even managed to do the bathroom as well, all the tile in my apt is sparkling clean. My husband was trying to be nice but he said when I was cleaning the bathroom that the it was so clean it looked like the Taj Mahal.. yea thanks hon..


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