6/25/15 -Carnitas in the Crock pot

Today is one of my favorite days of the month. I made Carnitas tacos today homemade for dinner. I think that my favorite meals are in the Mexican spice profile.

I bought two chuck roasts to make this month and I have been looking forward to making this all month. I used the larger of the two chuck roasts, about 2 lb package. I took it out of the freezer before we went to bed last night, so it would be defrosted to cook by this morning. I woke up this morning, excited to start the crock pot. I had the chuck roast in the crock pot before I had coffee served today.

Here’s how to make the best Carnitas in the crock pot.

Carnitas tacos (aka pulled beef)

2-5 lb Chuck Roast

Chili seasonings

Place chuck roast into crock pot, on high covered in chili seasonings. Cook for about 4-5 hrs covered until the chuck roast pulls apart. Pull apart completely and cook on low shredded with more seasonings. When you are able to pull apart, its done.

carnitas tacos
carnitas tacos

We use corn tortillas, heated them up and put a spoonful of Carnitas into each one. I also made a radish-cabbage slaw steamed on the side, it tasted great on top of the Carnitas. We had some limes to garnish and it was incredible. I am sure that I will have a helping of thirds, I already had some seconds.

slaw with radish
slaw with radish

We took a walk while the Carnitas were cooking today and I when we got home it was already done. Its so nice to come home to a house that smells like chili seasonings and good meat cooking.

I also got a drop off of homemade butter and some half and half delivered to me, from my old landlord. She gets a whole lot of dairy and makes butter every once in a while. I am excited to bake tomorrow with it, as I now have a whole lot of butter to cream into yummy things like cookies and cakes.. cant wait!


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