Ode to the Dishes

The Root of all ambition is to be Happy at Home.

Doing Dishes will be there even if you are alone.

Finding meditation in chores is key.

I even have my baking therapy.

I hope that one day I can be happy with every room.

Every Garden needs its time to Bloom.

Growing children is no easy task.

Having time for every thing is hard to grasp.

Some times the depression gets a hold of me.

I find its hard just being all that I can be.

Fibromalgia, Bipolar and Sciatica pain,

Sometimes it seems I have nothing to gain.

But I have come to remember each time I do the dishes,

That the sink is some kind of well for wishes.

And inspiration always comes from having our mind open,

I let go of all my thoughts and Scrub pots n’

Pans and glasses to bring the ideas flowing,

My creativity always seem to be growing,

But only when I let go of all my worry

and help myself to making a hand slurry

of Dawn,

And scrubbing my dishes till my problems are Gone.


2 thoughts on “Ode to the Dishes

  1. Thanks for leaving a link. Makes it so much easier! Glad you found my blog and I found yours. I agree with you that we have to find pleasure in whatever we do. You moms have so many different tasks to do–all pulling in different directions. You have my sincere admiration! Thanks for reading, commenting and leaving your link…Judy

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