6/24/15- Peanut butter cookies and more

Today started out OK. I actually willingly took the dog out for his morning walk, and made coffee.

We had chorizo and eggs for breakfast, and a few pb and j’s for lunch. We had a few afternoon appointments, so our lunch was a little lacking.

But after we got back, I made cookies.

I made 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies and doubled my regular batch size. I also reduce the sugar for these.

Normally the master recipe is 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar to 1 egg. Blend very well. And drop and bake. I use the reduced sugar recipe and use 2/3 cup sugar and also doubled it for more cookies.

Here are a picture of my very much part devoured 2 batch of peanut butter cookies today.

peanut butter cookies
peanut butter cookies

My husband says “ Those cookies are bad!” –( meaning so good, he wants to eat the whole batch, ie. Bad for him….lol)

I also made a small batch of pretzel shaped snickerdoodle cookies.. they are my proudest project of the day.

snickerdoodle pretzel mini cookies
snickerdoodle pretzel mini cookies

I ended up forgetting to defrost my chuck roast, so I had to resort to making a ground beef dinner. I haven’t been eating much of hamburgers lately but I made them for the boys. I made some Schwans frys in the oven with the burgers. Quick and easy!

I made an eggplant casserole for myself. Starting with chopped Bok choy leaves from the food bank and diced onion with some diced cabbage. Added some water for the steam and then lined up some sliced thin large eggplant. I drizzled some Mexican flavored tomato soup to it and then covered the eggplant with my homemade breadcrumbs.. I let that steam in the oven on 350 covered until the eggplant is mushy. Then I uncovered it and turned it up high to toast the breadcrumbs on top. When the breadcrumbs were toasted I turned the oven back down, sprinkled cheese on top of everything and cooked it until the cheese was melted in. Results are certainly going to be gone by the end of the night, and I am not ashamed to say I will eat the whole casserole myself.


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