Ode to the Creative Blogger

Here’s to self publishing,

confidence, guts and good editing,

Here’s to staying up late or

getting up early to type up a blog.

Here’s to finding the time

the motivation

the effort

the energy

to self promote, self publish & blog.

Here’s to inspiration

for without it there would be no blogs

Here’s to taking our time out of our day

to share something interesting

Here’s to our readers

Our family

our friends

our unknown followers

and make us feel important

Here’s to the time

we take out of our lives to share.

To trust in ourselves.

Here’s to bravery

of each time we hit “publish”

and hope our words

may have the same

significance and meaning

to our fellow man.

Here’s to the confidence

to write freely

and not censor our pen or our keyboard.

Here’s to the few

who are still budding

into ourselves and blogging

is furthering our self sub-conscious exploration.

Here’s to the freedom

of the almighty internet

where our words and writing

can roam free and be seen

here’s to the validation

we get from others

we get from ourselves

when a blog looks great

here’s to the acceptance

to finally feel intelligent

to finally be heard

if only if its through

our blogs.

Here’s to the unsponsored unpaid blogger

who despite not getting paid

for our hard work in our blogs

we produce them anyways.


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