Turmeric for Good Health and Inflammation

I love turmeric. When I saw Vandana Shiva growing it in a recent food documentary and talking about the benefits of it, I had to learn more. I have been learning ever since. Cooking with turmeric has been an adventure, taking turmeric supplements have been a blessing and knowledge of its amazing health benefits have been a godsend.




As a Inflammation/Pain Supplement:

I have been searching for the best turmeric supplement, for about 3 years. I finally found a high potency supplement that uses the isolated active part of turmeric called curcumin and mixes it with more turmeric and other amino acids to create a high potency pain relieving inflammation formula.

According to natural health magazines, this supplement ranks highest for inflammation control and pain management. Their is a few other supplements to compare, but none stand up to the formula of Curamin.

I will include a link about It. I do know its pricey, but if you can afford it, you will feel better. I have fibromalgia and this significantly contributes to me being more active during the day and having to never take Big Pharma pills such as ibuprofen and narcotics.


As a Savory Spice in cooking:

I love cooking with turmeric. I love adding it as a spice to savory recipes and sneaking it into things that you wouldn’t expect. My family doesn’t like curry, so I am not including curry recipes in this. You can find that all over the internet by yourself. We don’t like and or our sensitive stomachs cannot take too many spices so I never over spice anything. Curry is too spicy for us. For this list I will include some mild turmeric recipes that can help you ease into using the spice more often.

Turmeric spiced fried Chicken or Pork:

This is my families favorite way to eat turmeric and they don’t even know its there. I mix a spice blend of paprika and turmeric and salt and pepper and flour and breadcrumbs and dip the meat into it. You can tempura this and get an extra crunchy result by dipping it into beaten egg once after the seasonings and then dipping back into the breadcrumbs, sort of a double dip. The eggs help the breadcrumbs and the seasonings to stick better. Once thoroughly coated in breadcrumb mix, fry until golden brown. The turmeric will change the color of the meat, if you use too much, so start slow.

Turmeric Mustard Honey chicken:

This can be made with or without veggies, you sprinkle turmeric salt and pepper on your chicken and coat in a mustard honey mix in the wok. Goes well with the next recipe or by itself.



honey turmeric chicken over rice
honey turmeric chicken over rice

Turmeric Mustard Honey stir fry: You can make this with or without the above chicken, I prefer with. You use red bell pepper, onion, turmeric, chicken breasts and dried prunes and thyme. I will try and include a recipe. But its similar to the above chicken recipe. Mixing the honey with the mustard and the turmeric creates a wonderful stir fry sauce.

turmeric chicken stir fry ingredients
turmeric chicken stir fry ingredients
cooking turmeric chicken stir fry
cooking turmeric chicken stir fry
chicken turmeric stir fry
chicken turmeric stir fry


Turmeric Heirloom Tomato soup: I have made heirloom tomato soup with a yummy spice blend of turmeric and other spices, I will post a pic of how it was made.

turmeric heirloom tomato soup
turmeric heirloom tomato soup
cooking heirloom tomato soup
cooking heirloom tomato soup

Turmeric Cauliflower Fried Rice: I just made this for the first time yesterday. I made cauliflower snow-rice and then fried it like fried rice, spicing it with turmeric and paprika and a dash of cayenne pepper. You add a fried egg and steamed veggies to the rice and use a blend of turmeric and salt and pepper and paprika to season after cooking.

cauliflower rice and veggies spiced with turmeric
cauliflower rice and veggies spiced with turmeric

Masa Pizza Dough with Turmeric: Making Masa tortillas and Masa pizza dough is really easy to make. You can lightly season it up with some turmeric and no one will taste the difference. Use the above dashing blend of turmeric, paprika and salt and pepper to season Masa dough. You can even throw in some cayenne if you like the spice.

Turmeric spiced Cauliflower Tortillas: you can make grain free tortillas with cauliflower and eggs and spice it with a turmeric blend for a better color. The egg already makes them yellow, but you can bring out the color with turmeric and add some flavor to it.

cauliflower tortillas with turmeric
cauliflower tortillas with turmeric

Turmeric Sweet Recipes:

Turmeric Smoothie: Try combining a dash of turmeric with your fruit smoothie. You can add some Maca or Camu Camu to really get some health benefits also.

Turmeric Hot chocolate: Try making your own “inflammation hot chocolate” combine raw cocoa with some turmeric and some white willow bark powder and a little bit of honey and you have a pain fighting chocolate drink. Add a dash of pepper and cinnamon to make it spicy. Pepper makes turmeric work better, it increases the bio-availability of the active part of the herb.

Turmeric Baked Goods: You can Change the color of your baked goods with a dash of turmeric into the batter and even make a yummy turmeric middle eastern cake, I’ll include some recipes for that.

turmeric on whipped cream and fruit
turmeric on whipped cream and fruit






Turmeric for your skin:

Turmeric Salve: I have made some beautiful turmeric beeswax salve. You can use this for transdermal medicine and ease inflammation this way.

turmeric salve
turmeric salve

Turmeric Poultice-Paste: You can make a high potency paste by mixing turmeric with water or honey until it makes a poultice, you can use this poultice in the same way as you would a salve, for a inflamed area on your body. Be aware that any turmeric salve and or poultice will stain the skin yellow.

Here are a few more lists of things to do with Turmeric










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