Kava Poem

Nothing could be nicer

Then a bag full of

piper Mithylicum.

Pain goes away

Problems never stay

with just a little fray

of a root you can chew

and every part of you

feels better.

You can complete a task with ease

do anything you please,

pain and worry free

but only if you have that kava.

Valerian can help you sleep,

Mint can ease your tummy ache

but all I need to

keep me pain and anxiety free

is kava, kava, kava.

Arnica can heal thy wounds

Calendula rebuild thy scars and skin

But their is no better

state to be in

then being one with kava.

You can keep your perscriptions

anti depression and anti-inflammation,

but all I ever want to bring into my body,

is good ol’ piper mythiticum.

Magnesium, turmeric, white willow bark, 5htp

may all help me,

But kava is the icing that

makes them all work better,

and transform nervine pain,

into blissful relaxation.

by lauren vier nov 8th, 2014


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