Simple urge to create,

dynamic will to express,

systematic yearning for acknowledgment,

problematic wanting for recognition,

Do we all need to post everyday?

Do we all have to show something off daily?

Incessant constant drive to share information.

Even if it’s not of our own creation?

When will we ever feel we can stop, …

giving ourselves away?

Will we ever feel FULL of validation?

Is there a cap for our well of fame and fortune?

Is there an age of not caring if we are doted on?

Is there any time, any point in creation, we don’t want to be seen?

Must we always have a prevalent onlooker,

surely we have lived before we have started “showing off”,

When, at what point in human life, do we not want to be loved?

Do we feel WHOLE if not needed?

Can we feel what life is meant to be without LOVE?

When do we say, enough is enough and not live for others?

Why can’t we ever actually live without validation..

I think therefore I am, no actually, they think I am, so therefore I am.

Am I anything, unless they say so?

Am I nothing without anyone?

Do we all have to have dependence, for independence?

Or can we truly live wild without love and money, or responsibility?

Are we responsible automatically because we are human?

Does this body shape and dominance over this planet give us automatic responsibility,

Are we obligated to love for we exist to love what’s lower then us?

Are we fated to love because that is all we are good for?

Is love the answer to the human collective question..why are we here?

Would not loving and sharing and validating and caring

bring us to be less than human?

Would we all be better off without the internet?

Would we all be better off not caring for each other and selfishly reaching NIRVANA alone?

Would we be fulfilling our humanly responsibility if we did not love each other?

Would we be showing that we are worthy of god, if we did not share our knowledge collectively?

Are we disobeying earthly law to be constantly validating our own existence in it?

Would our human story be better if we all didn’t constantly use the internet?

Would our human tale be any better if we all selfishly kept to ourselves and had no social media?

Would things be so different, that it could be better if we never wanted to share our thoughts?

Would time be structured differently, quantum physics reversed if we all jumped inside our own sub conscious and stayed there forever?

Would the whole universe change altogether if the bloggers didn’t blog, and the tweeters didn’t tweet and the facebookians didn’t comment or like anything?

Would sharing everything we ever do and say and like and make and enjoy, truly make the universe a worse.. or better place?

I am not sure, but love and sharing seems more selfless then NIRVANA to me..


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