You will never know when it will come,

Predicting its arrival is almost impossible,

Some say it’s channeled from above,

others say it goes through them.

Collective consensus is that it is given from outside of ourselves,

from an unknown positive producing source,

We all feel it as it comes to us,

Is it something we tap into?

Is it there always ready to obtain and pluck?

Do we need to pray to receive it, or

is it just something we receive when deserving?

They say it really means to be “In-Spirit”,

and I can accept that heavenly definition.

How do you feel when it comes to you?

Is it relief of composure, and insight; No,

because we never understand what it is,

what it all can come to, result to; until

it is happening to us, traveling

through our pen, our brush, our voice.

Our divine creative push to make,

create, express, show, enunciate, emphasize and even scream.

Is it given by God?

Is it given by a collective conscience

or is it our own sub-conscience

finally purging out what it was meant to express,

and we just can’t dare to believe its

emitting from ourselves.

You are the source. Believe.


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