Date Paste and Sugar

Date-Prune-Raisin Paste

If you didn’t already know, refined sugars are not that good for you. Even consuming syrups like maple, agave or simple sweeteners can take a toll when your trying to go sugar free. Most vegans rely on fruit sweeteners to keep things sweet and I am going to share my baking experience with dried fruit paste as a filling and a sweetener.

You can make your own date paste by blending dates up in a blender or food processor and adding things such as water or milk a dash of salt and maybe some vanilla or lemon juice to make it to your taste. I personally like to make my date paste stretched by also adding raisins, cut up prunes and prune juice instead of water or milk. Some people cook the dates down, like a dried fruit compote, or simply just jar it up after blending it. Date paste can last up to 3 weeks in the fridge.

Here are some great recipes for date paste;

Dates raisins and prunes are excellent for bowels and elimination. We use our date paste at least once a week in cooking to ensure elimination for everyone in the family. We like to change up our recipes for how we use it and I like to have a jar in the fridge always.

If you don’t have sugar and or don’t want to use sugar in baking, you can eliminate the wet parts of the paste and grind up dried dates until you have a sugar like consistency and you can replace regular white sugar or even brown sugar with date sugar instead.

Here is how you can make date sugar:

Date paste can also be used for cake and cookie making, when you go to cream the butter and sugar for batter replace sugar with date paste and or date sugar and whip up like you would regularly

Here are some examples of my different date-prune bars and how we have creatively used date paste.

prune date filled cookies
prune date filled cookies
date paste pinwheels
date paste pinwheels
applesauce date oat bars
applesauce date oat bars



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